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Tips for traveling with technology

martes, junio 7th, 2011

Although the gadgets are designed to make life easier and entertain, organize a trip with digital equipment involves certain complications. In this note, we will achieve a complete guide to travel comfortable and make the most of the devices.

Whether traveling abroad or at home

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Travel used to be easier when we had to worry about all our electronic devices. Now, before embarking on any trip, people kept among his things for something that resembles a bazaar-mail (iPhone, USB devices, radio mp3, digital camera etc. (más…)

Trekking in the Himalayas: learn how to prepare

martes, mayo 3rd, 2011

Trekking in the Himalayas is a fascinating adventure trip to explore the colossal peaks, for this is that we dedicate this post. We hope to meet the expectations of everything related to the preparation, in case something is left out, we would like to know their views. Well, let’s start with the preparation of our hiking in the Himalayas.

Himalayas to adventure trip

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One of the first questions that many people doing walking around here is … What to wear our hiking route in the Himalayas? First of all we will say that it is strongly recommended that the backpack heavier than 10 kilos. Even if you hire porters (carriers) I know a little solidarity and take what you really need. If anyone is thinking of taking all your technological gadgets eye! Be careful, because it is known that the iPod «die» at high altitudes. Also keep in mind that you’re in the mountains, you do not need to combine in terms of clothes, or go hand in hand with the latest fashions. (más…)

The price of transport in Belgium

sábado, marzo 26th, 2011

Belgium is perhaps one of the European countries where it is easier and more convenient public transport moving. One of the main reasons is its extensive and efficient network of trains, which makes it easy to navigate almost any of their cities.

The transport in Belgium

Photography by Yoshimasa Niwa

Then I happened to summarize the features and options of the main means of transport that can be used if you travel to Belgium. As you can see if you plan ahead with something you can save lots of money. The prices shown in this article are updated to 2010.

Traveling to Belgium by plane:

Remedies to prevent diarrhea in your travels

viernes, marzo 18th, 2011

Diarrhea is one of the most common problems we have when we travel. The only way to avoid this disease is to be very careful what he eats or drinks that are usually the cause of gastrointestinal dysfunction. Silvia and a few years ago told us how to prevent diarrhea, but in Mexico where there is also met Montezuma’s Revenge and new remedies to improve my situation and that to this day it has worked quite well.

Remedies to prevent diarrhea in your travels

Photography by IMA Neuquen

Some of the recommendations to prevent diarrhea are:

Do not drink tap water or sources. As a general rule, try to drink bottled water to reduce the risk of intestinal problems. (más…)

Stress-free travel tips II

martes, marzo 8th, 2011

Stress-free travel tips – Part II

– Bring your ID and passport, provided. It is important to take these two forms of identity if we leave the country, although not compulsory to have both (if you travel by the European Economic Community), because the key is to bring several documents. In addition, we must always keep in different places. For example, we can leave the ID at the hotel and carry a passport, or carry your passport in your backpack and ID in my wallet. The idea is to relieve the stress knowing that if we lose our purse or wallet stolen, at least we have somewhere else you need to identify and return home as soon as possible. Another practice that reduces stress is to take the portfolio as sheltered and close to the body as possible. Thus, with only a little rozarnos the area in question already know that all is well. (más…)

Stress-free travel tips

martes, marzo 8th, 2011

Stress-free travel tips – Part I

I acknowledge that the title of this post is somewhat tricky, since it is virtually impossible to travel without some stress. And this is normal, this is a new experience, given the uncertainty of what will happen in the coming days. First, it is rare that all in one trip goes as planned. In fact, it often happens that the unexpected leads after some of the best stories of our trips, those situations that challenge us, they became mini adventures and solve knew so well. Second, not all stress is bad, because it also keeps us alert at a time when we have no margin for error.

Stress-free travel tips

Photography by joiseyshowaa

Therefore, a minimum desirable level of stress, (más…)

Travel Tips: what technology we take?

jueves, febrero 10th, 2011

Travel Tips: what technology we take?

Any person intending to make a trip over a long period and want to keep in touch with your friends, family, Internet, travel store photos and videos, make calls with local SIM cards, chargers with adapters, cameras taking pictures, among other exciting options.

Travel Tips

Photography by D’Arcy Norman

The traveler should consider what gossip can be useful to take during the trip, but also usable, low weight, which take place, protective measures, etc.. (más…)

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