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Las Vegas, many cities in one

Miércoles, octubre 7th, 2009

Viva Las Vegas 

Las Vegas stands in the desert like an oasis. An oasis of lights, hotels, casinos, nightclubs, walking, shows and entertainment. One destination, thanks to all won titles Entertainment Capital or being Sin City (Sin City). A city that also houses many cities in miniature. Sure, its theme hotels.

Because Las Vegas is surprising for its architecture. One detail that hotel owners and major hotel chains put all its efforts to attract the public. That is why it is not surprising that some institutions collapsing and re-constructed to always look new, with the best modern advances. (más…)

Akumal, an aquatic paradise of the Mexican Caribbean

Domingo, octubre 4th, 2009

Akumal Bay por sgt fun.

Akumal is a quiet destination, ideal paradise for those who practice water sports. It is a beautiful bay that is located only 37 kilometers from Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean.

Its name means, in Maya land or place of turtles. And this is not a name chosen at random but that is because this is the place chosen by these animals to spawn every year. Thus, the chance to see adult species, swim with them and appreciate the birth of their children, is a show suitable for those coming to enjoy these beautiful beaches. (más…)

Your travels in Mexico

Domingo, septiembre 20th, 2009

The federal republic of Mexico, is located on the North American continent. One of the main tourist destinations for its wonderful Caribbean beaches. It has a length of approximately 2 km ².

How come?
Mexico has several national and international airports. Among the internationals, we can highlight the most important due to the large number of flights and people: the International Airport of Mexico City, the most important in Latin America and the Cancun International Airport. Because of the importance of the airport of Mexico City, is saturated with ease, thus diverting some flights to other airports such as Toluca. (más…)

Hollywood, Walk of Fame!

Domingo, agosto 2nd, 2009

The glamor of the Walk of Fame
First is the enormous amount of people passing the road that surprised many of them tourists with the camera in strings. Stores and shops of souvenirs, all relating to film, stretching the sides. Under our feet that some sidewalks are punctuated by the golden stars that we have seen so many times to sign artists who are awarded them. 2500 stars in total. But be careful, do not dry looking soil, because when you lift your head like you’re surrounded by soldiers of the Imperial Wars or Superman and Batman will have a photo to a demanding change of a dollar … or Marilyn, or Charlie, or and many others. (más…)

Cancun and the Riviera Maya – Mexico Way

Lunes, julio 13th, 2009

We began with Cancun and the Riviera Maya, has a series of articles that data to try husking convenient for tourists, such as schedules, food, weather, holidays, prices, excursions, etc.. from different parts of the world. (más…)

Boston, “City of the Walking”

Viernes, julio 10th, 2009

WinterNight 2007:  Boston CityScape por cgc0202.

We are one of the oldest settlements of the United States and the largest city in New England. Boston has a great history, however, more than 50 universities to become a modern city, a young and lively character that adds a charm to his place in history. (más…)

San Francisco has always been recognized as a city of free spirit

Jueves, junio 25th, 2009

San Francisco has always been recognized as a city of free spirit. Always fascinating to see the trams climbing its steep streets and neighborhoods overlooking the bay, witness to the stories of Alcatraz in the background. The weather in San Francisco remains stable throughout the year, despite the fog that often fall in summer and the constant rain of winter. But any time of year is good to visit San Francisco. (más…)

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