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Travel to Riga, the beautiful capital of Latvia

viernes, diciembre 31st, 2010

Riga, capital of Latvia, is situated at the mouth of the Daugava River, near the Baltic Sea. The historic center of Riga was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the many Art Nouveau buildings, comparable with Vienna, Prague or Barcelona.


Photography by decli

Riga was an ancient establishment of Livonians, which was founded in 1201 by the Bishop of Livonia. Although the city had been created by German merchants in the mouth of the Daugava in 1158. From that moment was one of the most important commercial centers of the Baltic Sea. The city converted to Lutheranism in 1521, and the country became part of Poland, Sweden, and finally in 1710 it was occupied by the Russians. The 1914 was the third city of the Russian empire. In 1918 Russia became independent and formed the capital of the Republic of Latvia. In 1940 the USSR occupied the country by force, and during the 1941 to 1944 he occupied by the Germans and suffered heavy damage and the destruction of most of its Jewish population. From 1945 to 1991 was capital of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, and since 1991 is again an independent country. (más…)

Knowing Budapest – Hungary

sábado, noviembre 27th, 2010

Today it is common enough to travel to Budapest scheduled circuit, together with Prague and Vienna perhaps. Generally, the latter two cities (especially Prague) will take care of travel arrangements, as they are more famous and tourism for our lands. However, commit a serious error if not properly prepare our trip to Budapest, since it is one of the most stunning cities in Europe and has many tourist attractions or more than their neighboring rivals.

Knowing Budapest

Photography by Leandro’s World Tour

Although Budapest is a city of enormous size (525 square kilometers), most cherished views will find them on the river Danube, which we will not walk many miles to get spectacular photos as, say, London or Paris. (más…)

Knowing Pisa and its surroundings

martes, noviembre 2nd, 2010

Pisa is a small town in Tuscany, with a hundred thousand inhabitants. But this small town is famous for its leaning tower, the Tower of Pisa is located in the spectacular Piazza dei Miracoli.

Knowing Pisa and its surroundings

Photography by Argenberg

Thanks to companies low cost flight can fly from many places in Europe to the airport Galileo Galilei of Pisa, as a destination to start a trip to Italy. It suggested a stop in this small town if you do a route, to take a getaway weekend, because this city is big enough to enjoy the delights of Italian for a couple of days. (más…)

Traveling Prague: Tourist Tips

martes, octubre 12th, 2010

In Prague, people are not united in session. If you visit the city in peak tourist season, Prague is synonymous with many people, the crowd is seen getting into the crowd, trying to steal away the space the idea of space. It can take forty minutes to cross the bridge 500 meters from Charles IV, or feel that the cheese from air in the Old Town Square lacks circulation holes. However, none of this gets to tarnish his legendary status as a city. It did not take more than a few minutes to revere their streets and their fronts elusive harmonious, and feel that it pays to be there.

Traveling Prague: Tourist Tips

Photography by

Any tour guide points to places inevitable: (más…)

Travel Port in the heart of Belgium – Part II

lunes, septiembre 20th, 2010

Cultural route:

Distraught is a good time to recreate the view in the Design Museum (Jan Breydelstraat, 5. Which opens its doors Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 and admission is five euros), housed in a XVIII century building rococo facade. There are set furniture and art deco and art nouveau, highlighting the striking wheel Alessi, miniatures based on the top floor. Crossing the beautiful bridge of Beheaded is accessed impressive Castle of the Counts of Flanders. A fortress began in the ninth century, with successive modifications to the twelfth century. Its battlements, and above all the central tower, offering views the city from different angles. A note inside the room with medieval instruments of torture, true testimony of their basement prison. At night, lit, the castle has a magical presence captivating.

Travel Port in the heart of Belgium - Part II

Photography by espinr

River Walk: (más…)

Routes to the city of Vienna

martes, septiembre 14th, 2010

Vienna, the ancient capital of Austria-Hungary is beautiful, opulent and baroque cultural displays a fascinating way, which is known by travelers for centuries. This city has managed to retain the charm like few of his past. But the big surprise for many visitors it comes to discovering the face young and creative city that harmonizes with the nostalgic and pleasant atmosphere of the palaces and traditional cafes. To know the most vital and authentic Vienna, just a little break classic tourist circuit, which usually pass in the historic (First District), surrounded by the magnificent Ring Avenue, which today is largely pedestrian.


Photography by Cha già José

A traditional breakfast in a cafe is best to start the day. Here in the city of Vienna, people used to spend hours enjoying a melange (coffee with milk to «Vienna»), tasting pastries and reading the press. All this also ideal before beginning the tours around the city. (más…)

Activities not to be missed in Belfast

miércoles, agosto 11th, 2010

Then for the traveler who is destined for the city of Belfast, will leave the following list of activities they can do on your tour of the city.

Activities not to be missed in Belfast

Photography by dblackadder

The Crown Liquor Sallon:
Enjoy a pint of Guinness in one of the famous saloons of the most genuine Irish pub around Belfast. The Crown Liquor Sloon is a heritage building, and one of the most emblematic places of the city. ! Not miss it.

The tour of the ship Titanic: (más…)

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