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Traveling to Nikko

Martes, octubre 13th, 2009

The Shinkyo (Sacred) Bridge - Nikko, Japan por Bababoooie.

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo is essential to make a little visit to Nikko. Even if time is scarce, this is the only outlet on the outskirts of the city that you can not miss.
There is a Japanese saying which goes: “Do not say that is wonderful until you’ve seen Nikko”, and the truth is that in Nikko is the most impressive monuments in Japan.

Nikko is located 128 kilometers north of Tokyo, easily reachable by train from the capital in a journey that takes about an hour and a half, depends on the airline and trains pack and go.

Once we arrived at Nikko, you can go to the temples by bus, by Tobu company or on the roadside of a beautiful forest that surrounds them. (más…)

Traveling to Miyajima

Lunes, octubre 12th, 2009

 Torii Gate, Miyajima Island, Itsukushima Shrine, Japan

If we decide to visit Hiroshima is a must come to Miyajima, a sacred island which is accessible after a few minutes by ferry.

From the sea, the view of Itsukushima Jinja Temple, with its floating “bull” (gate to the temple) are considered one of the most beautiful of the Japanese archipelago.

As this is a sacred island, was formerly forbidden birth, give birth and die in it, so women were banned and the elderly were evacuated to who died elsewhere. (más…)

Travel Tips to India

Lunes, octubre 12th, 2009

You’ve probably ever heard more than one breast lift and ensure that your trip to India changed his life, you’ve also heard somewhere that India is the country that inspires the most in the world, the most spiritual of the planet. While on the other hand, I’m sure you’ve also heard that India is the dirtiest, the most hypocritical and dreary and the place where they accumulate heavier per square meter in the world. (más…)

These are some notes on Kyoto as a city

Miércoles, octubre 7th, 2009

Japan Kyoto Golden Pavillon

If there is a city that we should not miss in Japan is Kyoto. In Kyoto, we will find the magic of traditional Japan where people still wearing kimono, mixed with the modernity of Japan raging current.

Not for nothing Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a thousand years. The legacies of that era are still seen in its streets, its culture and its exquisite culinary traditions.

Kyoto is a city that hardly a tourist will end: with over 1,600 Buddhist temples, hundreds of Shinto, the imperial villas, 200 gardens listed and some of the best museums in the country. But do not be overwhelmed, because in a couple of days we can enjoy the best of Kyoto, but we will surely eager to return. (más…)

Tokyo, the city of the rising sun

Miércoles, septiembre 23rd, 2009

Neon in the Rain por /\ltus.

Tokyo, capital of Japan, located on the island Honshu, the main Japanese archipelago. Besides being the largest city, is the one with highest number of universities, financial institutions, corporations, schools, museums, theaters and so on. Has 23 districts with 8,340,000 people in them.

How come?
Mainly you can get to Tokyo by plane. This city has two airports:

Narita International Airport: is located in Narita, Chiba Prefecture, which is located east-southeast of Tokyo, connected with this city by 3 lines. The airport handles mainly international flights.
Tokyo International Airport (or Haneda) is in the Ota district, Tokyo. It also receives international flights although it focuses more on trade with Korea. (más…)

Adventure Travel in Patagonia

Viernes, septiembre 18th, 2009

NCOBS Patagonia Laguna Jacob por North Carolina Outward Bound.

Adventure travel has the most varied activities through which people move from being spectators to be protagonists of the landscape. You can choose from trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, rappelling, zip line, these are just some of the many alternatives that offer the Patagonia Argentina.

Trekking is the most accessible to all since it involves hiking trails and various landscapes, the difficulty will vary depending on distance and type of road. There are more technical trails and simpler ones. The degree of difficulty is divided into mild, moderate, moderate and strong. Some ideal places for this activity are: the trip to Refugio Otto, Bariloche, which provides adequate outlets at all levels, meaning that it is suitable for all ages. This 18km from Pampa Linda, reached after four hours walking around, another option is to ride in a stretch and walk the rest of this form will be two hours of trekking. This tour is full day, taking advantage of the convenient location of the shelter to stop and rest and stunning ice formations, rock and snow. (más…)

Mount Ararat in the Caucasus

Jueves, julio 16th, 2009

The Caucasus region has always aroused my curiosity, from romance novels and adventure, something like an inhospitable place, half savage, great wrestlers. Many of the countries that compose it have been under the Russian orbit much of the twentieth century, such as Armenia, a mountainous country that borders Georgia with Azerbaijan and Turkey and Iran and from its capital, Yerevan, you can see the magnificent and mythological Mount Ararat. (más…)

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