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The little Croatian town of Dubrovnik

Domingo, agosto 1st, 2010

The little Croatian town of Dubrovnik is located across the Adriatic Sea, at the foot of a mountain, recalling the Greek cities, but with Slovenian style, reflecting his worn walls in the crystal clear waters. This place has suffered numerous invasions, but nevertheless managed to remain standing until nowadays.

Dubrovnik Old Town Harbour

Photography by ahisgett

Its history goes back to the seventh century, when the peoples of the region were constantly invaded and plundered by the Slavs, deciding to move to a small coastal town, and fortifying the area to prevent invasions. This town eventually grew increasingly, as its location was strategic for trade in fisheries. This fact was very interested in the Arabs, attacking a century later. At this point, this small town had taken the name of Ragusa and still suffered many invasions throughout its history. (más…)

The romantic capital of Estonia

Sábado, julio 31st, 2010

The romantic capital of Estonia is located on the northeast corner of Europe, the Baltic Sea and has a romantic landscape of rare beauty, given its tumultuous past.

Tallinn’s history was marked in recent years by a communist regime under Soviet rule being this star for five decades until the arrival of independence in 1991. Following this historic moment, the country and especially its capital, managed to devise a fast and accurate recovery under the system of Western capitalism.

Toompea Hill Palace Square, Tallinn

Photography by jimg944

One of its most precious jewel is the old town, which is characterized by its magnificent architectural legacies of medieval and Baroque styles, led by grand castles, stately churches and many cobbled streets that get lost among the dead, dying in large squares crowned important historical monuments. (más…)

Travel to Budapest

Jueves, julio 29th, 2010

Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has managed to preserve his soul even though the city has modernized rapidly in recent years. The Hungarian capital, Budapest, extends along the river Danube. The same divide the city into two distinct parts: Buda and Pest. Both sides are linked by seven bridges road and pedestrian traffic. Today the Danube, the old Art Nouveau palace and the wide boulevards are accompanied by gourmet restaurants and trendy bars. They come here with an interest in history and anyone who wants to relax in one of the many steam baths.


Photography by ** Maurice **

Budapest is a city that not only is beautiful and full of historical monuments and dramatic memories. It is also an excellent city for walking or fascinating excursions. (más…)

Bratislava, the romantic capital of Slovakia

Martes, julio 27th, 2010

Consecrated as the largest city of Slovakia, Bratislava not only excels in economy and population, but also for its deep history that surrounds the small streets that run through the orange roofs.

the Castle of Bratislava

Photography by morrissey

Barely 60 km from Vienna and about 200 of Budapest, Bratislava his multi-image shows ranging from the progress of industrialization at its most noble, its ancient history embodied in the old streets.

This is reflected in the historic old town site, known as the Old City, which consists of an intersection of architectural styles, the product of the ancient history that marked the walls of buildings, letting them speak for themselves. Thus, in some cases, we find areas with buildings that have baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, eclectic or influenced by Art Nouveau. (más…)

A cultural tour of Germany

Viernes, julio 23rd, 2010

A cultural tour of Germany

Germany is regarded today as one of the most touristic European countries, proof of this are the annual statistics that exceed tens of millions of foreign visitors. Through the Germanic territory we can find a number of places to go.
Without doubt, one of the most important is the capital Berlin, where we found the so-called Museum Island is the area where we found a group of prominent museums. It is worth mentioning that today the Museum Island is considered since 1999 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1999.

Taking the path to the Marienberg Fortress, Wurzberg

Photography by Alaskan Dude

Germany also gives us the opportunity to travel not only cosmopolitan city but of a romantic routes through beautiful scenery where you can find castles, palaces and medieval towns. (más…)

Bremen – The city’s cultural and ecological

Martes, julio 20th, 2010

Bremen, is considered by many as a city of a thousand faces, is a city of rich history, tradition and so, high technology, science and space. We can say then that Bremen is a hub for many of its activities and development in Germany.

Bremen - The city's cultural and ecological

Photography by nishioka

Visiting Bremen worth it because as a spell, it is impossible not to fall into the charm of visiting. In this city there are many options for choosing and making. The tourists are satisfied after a few days in this city of many faces. Bremen is a city that welcomes science and important projects aimed at stimulating the research effort on the curiosities of the natural sciences. (más…)

Hanover, a city of gardens and monuments

Domingo, julio 18th, 2010

Located on the banks of the Leine River lies the German city of Hanover, internationally recognized for its important trade fairs such as CeBIT (one of the fairs and information technology world’s largest), its large and beautiful gardens and imposing monuments.

Hanover a city of gardens and monuments

Photography by Hühnerauge

One of the main buildings is the great Old Town Hall, also known as the Altes Rathaus, forming an architectural landscape composed of red brick, dating from the fifteenth century. The same is located in the historic city center, establishing himself as one of the icons of the city to be seen. Its interior has been recently remodeled, composing a thoroughly modern design that breaks with the environment that hosts it, creating an architectural controversy. It also has a great team prepared for the tourist services, such as café, restaurant, gift shop and a shopping arcade that demands to be visited. Nearby you can also find the New Town Hall, which provides a spectacular view of the city from its tower. (más…)

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