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The Culture of Beer in the Czech Republic

viernes, diciembre 3rd, 2010

One of the «new» Czech proverb says «Beer models beautiful bodies,» and it supposedly can see there everywhere.

The Czech Republic

Photography by Adrian Eden

In any case, the beer drinking culture are deeply rooted in Czech society. The first manual processing of Czech beers eighteenth century, and its author, Frantisek Ondrej Poupe also highly influential in the brewing industry to institutionalize the use of thermometers and other measuring instruments in the process. During socialism, going to bars was one of the few leisure activities legally permitted, so no wonder the power and prestige gained by the brewing industry in the country. (más…)

Five essential museums in Europe

domingo, noviembre 28th, 2010

Choose from a wide range of museums that Europe is difficult because of the quality and quantity of galleries. Many of them have some of the most important artworks in the history of mankind so prolific periods dating back to ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Greek or Roman.

Museums that Europe

Photography by Nic’s events

The 5 essential museums are:

Egyptian Museum Berlin

If you want to marvel at the perfection and beauty of the bust of Queen Nefertiti, you have to travel to Egypt but to Berlin. The Berlin museum has a collection of Egyptian art in the world. Another of the jewelry that’s worth a visit is the portrait of Queen Tiy and the so-called Berlin Green Head ‘, held in 500 BC and which owes its name to the green color of the stone. (más…)

Infinite slopes for skiing in the Alps II

lunes, noviembre 15th, 2010

Comes the snow and ski season. Many wait all year to have in place the tracks in recent months and enjoy a fun outdoor sport. Is the opportunity to enjoy the mountains, the wide open spaces where we can recover the proper color from a trip to the high peaks.

The Alps

Photography by Guillaume Cattiaux

We talked about the seasons of Alpe d’Huez and Val Thorens in the Alps, but the choice is much wider in the great European mountain range. Here are some interesting facts and tips that you plan your ski vacation. (más…)

What do you see in Lübeck?

miércoles, noviembre 3rd, 2010

Lübeck is a quiet city north of Germany, which today stands out for having preserved an important medieval heritage and a very distinctive architectural heritage. For centuries it was capital of the Hanseatic League, and now displays it proudly.

What do you see in Lübeck?

Photography by Phillie Casablanca

Today we offer a selection of points of interest that can not miss to see in the city of Lübeck, these points are:

Rathaus (town hall):

This is a small building but no less impressive, with typical Hanseatic architecture. It is perhaps the most prominent building in Lübeck, with Marienkirsche church: its facade is made of the characteristic brick clay, in this case alternating with rows of black bricks. (más…)

Tallinn the medieval capital of Northern Europe

viernes, octubre 22nd, 2010

The city of Tallinn, capital of Estonia is located 80 km south of Helsinki. Many people know this town these data, but there lies a beautiful and welcoming city with a spectacular medieval center (Old Town of Tallinn) which is considered Tallinn as the best preserved medieval city in northern Europe according to UNESCO.


Photography by jurvetson

Strolling through the streets of Tallinn’s old town makes you transport back in time given its degree of conservation, even in spite of invasions that this port has suffered throughout history, including the bombing during the Second World War. (más…)

Tours and travel advice to Warsaw

martes, octubre 5th, 2010

Tours and travel advice to Warsaw

Few cities in the world have risen from the ashes so hard and fast as Berlin and in the present case, Warsaw, Poland’s capital. Torn to the ground after the Blitz of World War II, the Polish people did not take long to grit my teeth and begin the daunting task of rebuilding the city, taking great care in the Old Town (Stare Miasto).

Tours and travel advice to Warsaw

Photography by Jaroslaw Pocztarski

The result to date is a city of sharp contrasts between the period buildings of the city center and the endless gray cement neighborhoods on the periphery, where the majority of its inhabitants. The new buildings of modern design have finished adding more contrast to the set. (más…)

Things to do in and around Copenhagen

miércoles, septiembre 29th, 2010

Below is a list of suggestions of things to do when we come to the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Things to do in and around Copenhagen

Photography by Lilly Darma

– Stroget, say it is the longest pedestrian street in the world (2 miles), and unites two of the most beautiful concourses: Radhuspladsen (City Hall Square) and Kongens Nytorv. It is the commercial artery of the city, and always has great animation. In this part, the famous canal Nyhavn (new harbor) is one of those images have been photographed many times on postcards. (más…)

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