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Festival in Venezuela: Cultural Traditions

lunes, septiembre 21st, 2009

World Folklore Festival Brunssum 2008, Venezuela 01 por Hobby-Photograph.

Venezuela is a substantial cultural traditions, which reflect either its various climates and ecosystems. Among them, we intend to give them a bite to function as open mouth of what is meant by Venezuelan traditions interesting, colorful, and valuable.

In past articles we’ve given some prominence Caracas, for that reason, we turn now to the Venezuelan interior, where folk traditions are kept more intact.

Let’s start Maracaibo, with its bustling La Chinita Fair (in her eyes slanted owes his nickname), held in November. These festivities are dedicated to the Virgin of Chiquinquira. The belief has appeared in a small piece of wood he rescued an old lady of Lake Maracaibo. The temple was built on the grounds of the house of the lady. The Fair includes many events, including a large lighting is installed in Bella Vista Avenue, orchestras playing to the sound of bagpipes, they light thousands of fireworks, choosing a beauty queen with the Virgin and walk the streets of the miracle. (más…)

Beijing city to live in first person

martes, septiembre 15th, 2009

Forbidden City, Beijing por Christopher Chan.

Beijing, capital of China, the great Asian giant is a yet unknown destination for a city about contaminated or counterfeit market, for others a Forbidden City or an Olympic venue. But Beijing, which is like the Pekinese called his own city, is a city to live. (más…)

Glastonbury Festival

miércoles, septiembre 9th, 2009

Glastonbury Festival

Every summer, all Europe was filled with music festivals. Especially in the last decade, this form of leisure and tourism has flooded the coast and inland, in Spain, Europe and the world at large. One of the oldest and most famous is held in a small town in southwest Britain. It’s the Glastonbury Festival.
Glastonbury Festival began back in 1970, just a day after the death of Jimi Hendrix. And as befits the time, yet is infused with a hippie, but it is still a business and increasingly commercial. (más…)

Merry Christmas and New Year in other cultures

miércoles, septiembre 9th, 2009

Merry Christmas and New Year in other cultures

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2010 to all readers, we take to celebrate the new year in different locations.

The parting of the year and enter the New Year we celebrate with a trip abroad. It may be in Berlin during the festival celebrating San Silvestre Winterzauber the new year with a show of fireworks to ward off bad omens, people in front of the Brandenburg Gate, is a good excuse to enjoy the atmosphere in Berlin these dates engallandas and lit streets and enjoy its famous Christmas markets, is fighting the cold drinking mulled red wine and served with traditional biscuits and marzipan. (más…)

Carnivals in the world

lunes, agosto 31st, 2009

Masks, feathers, cotillion, it’s carnival, great chance to discover a village from a different angle and enjoy their holidays with the natives. Here are a carnival celebrating around the world:

Carnival Mindelo
Delicious carnival with Brazilian accent. The most festive and humorous carnival of those taking place in Cape Verde. They are the perfect excuse to discover the island of St. Vincent invaded the country music of Cesaria Evora. (más…)

Tourism in Seville

lunes, agosto 24th, 2009

Plaza d'espana

Seville, one of the most visited cities in Spain. Capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia has approximately 700,000 inhabitants.

How come?
Sevilla has an airport named Aeropuerto de Sevilla-San Pablo is located 10 km northwest of the city. Its flights are mainly national, but increasingly using this airport to other international locations, especially with the addition of new airlines to the airport in Seville.
Another excellent transport Ave Sevilla is the railway station of Santa Justa is one of the most important in Spain, behind the station of Atocha in Madrid and Barcelona Sans. It connects major cities and towns of Andalusia, as well as Madrid and Barcelona to Seville. (más…)

Christmas in Lapland

viernes, agosto 21st, 2009

Christmas is coming, full of magic, dreams, and illusions, cheerful smiles to some and for others nostalgic. Sounds and colors that blend to make way for warm feelings and fond memories. Christmas, family, home, love… and many purposes. Are words. (más…)

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