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The Tomatina Festival in Valencia

domingo, diciembre 20th, 2009

tomatina en Valencia (Buñol) 2007 por luduran.

La Tomatina Festival in Valencia Buñol is a tourist destination that cannot be lost tourists in the period this summer. The story goes back to 1945, when a youth group to a passing parade of cabezudos resolved a dispute pulling tomatoes from side to side of the street. Buñol City Council from 1980 began to distribute free tomatoes and those who had participated for decades in the party, and considered that since 2002 of International Tourist Interest. (más…)

The Fallas festival in Valencia

martes, diciembre 1st, 2009

Las Fallas IV. El pasacalle 1 por Enrique JM..

The Valencian community is party every year as the festival celebrates Internationally recognized as the «Fiesta de las Fallas, light, color and fire flood the streets and squares of towns and cities during these days until 19 March, the La Fiesta people live fully.

The protagonists are the castles, and monuments mascletaes, the smell of gunpowder, the band’s music and the sound of their music. (más…)

Carnival in Cadiz

jueves, noviembre 26th, 2009

Carnival in Cadiz

Carnival time in Cadiz, it’s time to enjoy the city, the carnival begins Feb. 19 and ends March 1. Cadiz is a city of the province of the same name located in the autonomous community of Andalusia. The music is heard around the corners of the city and prepare the costumes, which are truly works of art.  The Carnival of Cadiz is one of the most important events in Spain, has been declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest. With the arrival of Italian merchants, the Cadiz Carnival adopts the use of masks, masks, streamers and confetti, factors specific to the Italian carnival. (más…)

The city of Puno

viernes, noviembre 20th, 2009

Moreno por Escamillo ®.

The Mamacha Candelaria, as it is known in Puno, is the patron saint of the city of Puno. Fiesta religious customs that are associated with the cult of the Pachamama (earth), Lake Titicaca, the mine and thunder, this event symbolizes purity and fertility, it expresses the hope of the helpless and the faith of the believers. (más…)

The Carnival to Rio de Janeiro

martes, noviembre 17th, 2009


Explosion of joy in Rio, Brazil is poised to celebrate its most famous festival, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Music, color, imagination and emotion are combined in this spectacular demonstration of joy.
The official date for 2009 was 21 to 24 February, thousands of tourists arrive in Rio de Janeiro around the time of this event to spread the joy and the musical cadence of the bands that accompany the troupes of the major schools of Samba. (más…)

The colorful dance of the devil in Puno

sábado, octubre 31st, 2009

The picturesque town of Puno was founded as San Carlos de Puno on 4 November 1668, is a city in Peru, and is part of the current Puno region. Old place inhabited since ancient times, first by the Pukara, then conquered by the Tiahuanaco and later by the powerful Incas, was known by the Spanish conquistadors as the «City of Gold» and is now one of the centers of the largest folk event Peru. (más…)

Carnival in Bahia

sábado, octubre 17th, 2009

Carnaval in Rio, Sambodromo 2009, Vila Isabel por Quasebart.

The carnival in Salvador, unlike the Carioca (Rio de Janeiro) is a popular festival, which takes place on the street where the city is doomed only to that for six days.

Carnaval Salvador
When passed in 1950, two music students, Dodo and Osmar was after a way to amplify sounds so that they can give more joy to the carnival in Bahia. These young people left the streets 1929 Ford mounted even conditioning for the event. From the car music sounded over the loudspeakers and people were calling. Thus was formed the first electronic trio of carnival. (más…)

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