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Survival at high altitudes – Part I

miércoles, diciembre 30th, 2009

Before this article is necessary to define what a polar or arctic region is. It is considered that a place is polar or arctic when the average temperature of the hot season does not exceed 10 º C and the sun does not rise in winter, or is just for a limited time span.

But a polar region is not the only place where care must be receipts for survival. There are passengers who travel less extreme conditions, or sites that appear to be safer such as a mountain, which may become the perfect scenario for a weather disaster. (más…)

Rural tourism: Using ski poles Mountain

lunes, diciembre 28th, 2009

Using ski poles Mountain

Far from being the idea is to use a cane in the mountains is synonymous with adult or physical problem. Fortunately, today its use is so general that has become a material recognized and valued by all.  If you think about it as has been their introduction should acknowledge that we owe it to the expedition and suffered endless snowy slopes of the Himalayas. We have in mind the tremendous effort of this activity and the need to help with clubs in areas not involved. Initially, the type used ski and later arrived specific walking. These have become popular so that the existing supply is excessive. (más…)

New York – Washington DC, or informality in buses

domingo, diciembre 13th, 2009

P1050484 por Andy961.

To go from New York to Washington DC is an interesting offer of transport. Of course, there are planes and trains, but may seem a little expensive. So we sought buses on the Internet and found quite surprising values, with companies offering round trips for $ 35. The rate is really low, if one takes into account that a simple trip by train from the suburbs of New Jersey to New York costs $ 20 round trip. After reviewing several alternatives, you will see that you can buy tickets through Washny, which promoted its service as «Washington Deluxe. (más…)

Lourdes religious tourism in France

domingo, septiembre 13th, 2009

Located just a few kilometers from the border with Spain, Lourdes is one of the most striking paradoxes that we can find in Europe. A fervent faith that permeates the sanctuary is countered by the commercial exploitation of religious beliefs among the people. If we add a beautiful landscape of the Pyrenees and a little history, we have a place whose visit is almost essential.
From Spain there are three roads to get to Lourdes. By highway, entering by Irun-Hendaye or if we prefer a slower path but much nicer, crossing the Pyrenees either Somport tunnel, either crossing into France through the passage of Navarra Roncesvalles-Valcarlos. (más…)

Muscat – Oman

miércoles, abril 29th, 2009

Young, modern, well described Muscat who have enjoyed its comforts. The capital of the Sultanate of Oman is a place to live the quiet atmosphere with Arabic.
In Muscat, Oman’s largest city of nearly one million inhabitants, the old Arab traditions converge with new technology. A special place to hear a hint of the rich Arabic culture away from intercultural conflicts. Peace, say, in the reign of Queen Qaboos Bin Said. (más…)

Porto de Galinhas in Brazil

miércoles, marzo 18th, 2009

Porto de Galinhas became one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Brazil, is located 60 km from Recife, in the municipality of Ipojuca. The landscapes of his ten paradise beaches and sunshine of this year, makes this an ideal destination for those wanting to relax or practice sports like diving and surfing. (más…)

Iran: Knowing about the ancient Persia

sábado, marzo 14th, 2009

Interestingly the Islamic Republic of Iran, formerly known as Persia, is one of the historic Middle Eastern destinations, ideal for various activities such as hiking, skiing or paragliding, as well as learn about the city and its beautiful mosques, mausoleums and palaces, guardians of the past glory of the country. East of Iran are Afghanistan and Pakistan, while Turkmenistan is located in the northeast. The northern shores are washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea, the northwestern border are shared by Azerbaijan and Armenia, and the West with Iraq and Turkey, and the south by the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. (más…)

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