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Fernando de Noronha from Brazil

Viernes, junio 5th, 2009

The continental dimensions of Brazil are home to dozens of versions of the earthly paradise and one of them, perhaps the best ending is the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, a group of twenty one islands with captivating names such as Morro do Leao, Dos Irmaos Island or Cabeluda. (más…)

Hawaii, the paradise island

Sábado, mayo 2nd, 2009

Hawaii does not need to advertise, because their name is synonymous throughout the world of earthly paradise. In the midst of the largest ocean on Earth, this volcanic archipelago is a true gift for the senses.
Thousand years before Columbus, a handful of Polynesians aboard skiffs fragile fiber plant began searching for the place where his residence located mythology of the gods: the farthest place from land on the planet, the place where their souls would return after death to live in a perennial peace and joy … Hawaii. (más…)

Ephesus, and Turkey in Wonder of the World

Lunes, abril 13th, 2009

In Turkey, 20 km from Kusadasi lies the city of Ephesus, now turned into ruins of a glorious past. Here we can study not only the Greek civilization and Roman but also discover what was the beginning of Christianity, as this place is its birthplace.
Ephesus was in Roman times and a major shopping center was built there one of the seven wonders of the world, the Temple of Artemis. The city always lived around this church that felt by a true worship. Today is an ideal place to reflect on how society has evolved from the Greeks to the present day, enjoying some great beaches and a very splendid and Mediterranean cuisine. (más…)

The Coral Coast – Beaches in brazil

Lunes, febrero 23rd, 2009

Cabo de Santo Agostinho by silvia.melo.

Coral Coast is a tourist circuit which includes the cities on the coast of Pernambuco and Alagoas. The region gets its name by having more than 150 km of coral reefs. Increasingly more tourists discover the pleasures and delights of this wonderful place, a hidden paradise between land and sea.

The row of seats or the walls that exist in this stretch of sand on the Brazilian coast is home to thousands of corals and prevents the waves from reaching the beaches. Therefore, this region has many natural pools and the sea is always calm, clear and warm, ideal for diving or playing with children. (más…)

Crocodile Cage Diving

Domingo, enero 25th, 2009

Adrenaline junkies are constantly in search for something original and awesome. Do you imagine yourself as a bit of an adrenaline-junkie? If yes, then I can recommend you the most recent must-do diving experience, Crocodile Cage Diving. You are correctly if you imagine I’m talking about swimming with assassin crocodiles.

Not for nervous, it’s a courageous task that is presented only in South Africa at the Cango Ranch. What does this so courageous is that these crocodiles are 4m long Nile crocodiles and are man-eating predators. They observe humans as their prey.

Daredevils who desire to try this adrenaline-pumping feat are leisurely lowered into the heated crocodile pool along with 5 large Nile crocodiles and are protected from the predators by a particularly designed cage. Protected by the strong cage, the crocodiles swim around you sizing you up as a delicious snack.


The city Alcoy

Domingo, septiembre 7th, 2008

Alcoy is well known all over Spain as a city with many bridges.

Alcoy stands upon a singular relief of ravines which have been carved out by several rivers, offering its visitors a spectacular orography The history of urbanism in Alcoy goes back to the l3th century when the Christians came to repopulate the town; they used the river banks as natural defensive barriers. The same rivers, that had protected the town in the past, were very useful for developing an incipient textile and paper industry. The local industry soon adopted European technical breakthroughs to use watermills to provide energy for the new factories. (más…)

Between water and orange groves – Almenara

Jueves, agosto 21st, 2008

Peaceful sands, rocky coves and sweeping, boulder-strewn beaches make for the harmonious combination of stone and sea in the south of the Province of Castellon between Almenara and Burriana. Here the asphalt comes to an end, giving way to the lingering dark green of the orange groves that softly sway in the evening breeze, to the life of wetlands and water sources, to the chalky rocks that change their hue with the passing of the hours and to an oasis of palm trees scattered on the very seashore. Nearby the spectacular modernist architecture of Burriana, the mediaeval walled town of Mascarell near Nules and the beaches and wetlands of Almenara Xilxes and Moncofa — the remnants of an ancient marshland which survive thanks to their streams of crystal-clear waters — wili make a deep impression on any visitor. (más…)

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