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Discovering Lebanon

Viernes, mayo 29th, 2009

Lebanon is not only a country with a recent history of conflict and violence, is fundamentally an Arabic beautiful country between the Mediterranean and the Syrian – Lebanese rugged mountains, plenty of sites with thousands of years of history, landscapes of great beauty and extraordinary people hospital. (más…)

Finland, the country of the Northern Lights

Lunes, mayo 25th, 2009

Finland, known as the land of sauna and vodka, is above all a country full of natural beauty, due to its peculiar geography, a peninsula on the coast and cut thousands of islands, numerous lakes and forests are typical of high latitudes, ponds and rivers. Its vast forests of pine, spruce and birch in Finland. Also as a major exporter of timber, pulp and paper. (más…)

Bologna, the city of two towers (Italy)

Miércoles, mayo 20th, 2009

Bologna, the city of two towers (Italy)

Few cities are the essence of the Italian Renaissance as Bologna. Just need to know the beauty of the urban structure of the city that gives it the air of a single monument. Neither the bombing of World War II could disenchant a city that treasures stored in its gardens and parks, and around the cluster of works ranging from the time of the Etruscans to the Romans, and the Novecento Trecenta in which the museums, galleries, palaces and villas, churches and squares that are all this broad historical.
A unique urban development Bologna gives a special attraction, even with the recent past that gave the center’s strategic rear block fascist. Because Bologna, along with Venice, has one of the best preserved historical centers of Europe. (más…)

Czech Republic, full of scenery for tourists

Lunes, abril 27th, 2009

The Czech Republic is an attractive country landlocked Central bordering Austria to the south, east Slovakia, Poland to the north and northwest and southwest Germany. The country is divided into two regions, Bohemia and Moravia, which offer, in addition to the famous city of Prague, hundreds of destinations and unforgettable landscapes. (más…)

Jerusalem: between the modern and ancient

Domingo, abril 26th, 2009

Jerusalem is one of the most significant land and the holy city par excellence. Both converge in Israel the Jewish religion, like Christianity and Islam, making the city a center of pilgrimage, prayer and of dreams, but also conflict. Strolling through the streets of Jerusalem and meet with mythical places us at a very last time, but if we also find traces of a modern city, with lively shopping areas. (más…)

Cardiff – The main tourist attraction

Martes, abril 7th, 2009

Cardiff, is located on the south coast and has an important port on the export of coal.
During the industrial revolution, Cardiff became one of the most export of this mineral.
The volume of coal that put on the market of this city allowed the city’s economic development dramatically. In fact at Cardiff Castle and the cars were able to remodel because of the wealth generated by the sale of this product.
During the last decade, has gone from being a pleasant capital with an interesting maritime history to a modern and dynamic city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. (más…)

The castle and The fortress

Miércoles, octubre 1st, 2008

The feature wall is strategically positioned to illurninate the altar for one hour on a particular day each year. The fortress at Castielfabib is located Qn a hilltop that dominates the town and that has been formed in a meander of the river Ebró. The church itself occupies the fourth floor of one of the castle‘s towers, overlooking a steep decline on the western slope of a rocky outcrop.

Access to the fortress is by way of a passage at the height of the third floor of the tower in which buried bodies have been unearthed, such as that of a woman and her baby discovered with their clothes almost intact. The passage leads from the town square to the opposite side of the outcrop, where the access is isolated from the rest of the population. Gothic paintings and carved capitals depicting religious figures from the period have been found within the building, including the head of a warrior monk from the Order of the Temple, to which the church belonged. (más…)

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