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Adventure Travel in Patagonia

Viernes, septiembre 18th, 2009

NCOBS Patagonia Laguna Jacob por North Carolina Outward Bound.

Adventure travel has the most varied activities through which people move from being spectators to be protagonists of the landscape. You can choose from trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, rappelling, zip line, these are just some of the many alternatives that offer the Patagonia Argentina.

Trekking is the most accessible to all since it involves hiking trails and various landscapes, the difficulty will vary depending on distance and type of road. There are more technical trails and simpler ones. The degree of difficulty is divided into mild, moderate, moderate and strong. Some ideal places for this activity are: the trip to Refugio Otto, Bariloche, which provides adequate outlets at all levels, meaning that it is suitable for all ages. This 18km from Pampa Linda, reached after four hours walking around, another option is to ride in a stretch and walk the rest of this form will be two hours of trekking. This tour is full day, taking advantage of the convenient location of the shelter to stop and rest and stunning ice formations, rock and snow. (más…)

Beijing, the new paradise of the Olympic Games

Viernes, julio 10th, 2009

Impressive stadiums, theaters and public buildings that fill us with admiration, colossal monuments erected during the Games. The Beijing Olympics have turned into a veritable museum of visual spectacle. The color of the dazzling opening ceremony of the Games has brought us even closer to the monuments made by China. Beijing is now the center of the world. And most certainly will remain so for many years. (más…)

Cultural activity and tourism Cartagena de Indias

Miércoles, mayo 20th, 2009

Tourism Cartagena de Indias

Declared in 1985 by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena de Indias is considered one of the most beautiful cities in America and features. Still preserving its history in the urban and dominated by the Caribbean Sea, stands one of the key sites of the conquest of the Americas
The origin of the city is in the process of colonization of the continent, where there was a need for domination of the interior and, in turn, serve as a port for trade between the metropolis and its colonies. For this reason, Don Pedro de Heredia founded the city in 1533, rising on the site which had previously been occupied by the indigenous village Calamari. (más…)

Guerrero – Large scale Tourism (Mexico)

Domingo, febrero 22nd, 2009

The town of Guerrero presents that tourism activity is enhanced in three places called “Triangle of the Sun,” which includes the cities of Taxco, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo and Acapulco.

In addition to the different regions of the state, there are attractions like archaeological sites, historic monuments, museums, cities and villages to discover, including the presentation of culinary art, which every corner of the earth Guerrero, aromas and flavors evoke holidays.
East of Chilpancingo, the state capital, is Olinalá, famous for its lacquered woodwork, chests, cabinets and screens.

Ecotourism and adventure sports are two activities that have become fashionable in the entity. (más…)

Any sport in Spain – the adrenaline release

Martes, enero 13th, 2009

The mountains,
the plains and plateau of central Spain are ideal for sightseeing, or simply climbing practice cross them. Especially recommended for those who like to track is the Pyrenees, in the north: a stunning landscape of rocky walls, lakes and cliffs. Picos de Europa to the west of Santander is also a wild and dramatic landscape, with some peaks over 2,600 meters, which is why there are good options there to mountain climbers. The long tradition of riding Spanish easy ride to get places. (más…)

Excursions of Activities around Benissa

Jueves, noviembre 27th, 2008

Benissa is rich, rich with monuments. As I strolled down the centre of the historic area,I felt as though I had come upon a huge museum made up of gorgeous buildings and narrow streets that spoke to be about its history.

Riding through the rugged surroundings of Benissa, enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Marina Alta in the province of Alicante, is the latest offer in active tourism, allowing horse-riding enthusiasts to discover the area’s superb flora and fauna. The offer includes a delicious barbecue at the end of the excursion.


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