Casablanca, the romantic city of Morocco

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Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco and the country’s largest, with five million inhabitants. Tourists who come here are hoping to find a romantic city.
Visits to Casablanca:

We began our visit to Casablanca in Lusitania, the Jewish quarter. Around 5000 Jews still live in the city. The main synagogue, the Namarroch is located at the corner of the rue Rousseau and the Rue Ibn Rushd. There are different schools in the old neighborhood. To visit the synagogue, you have to make 08.00 to 18.00 hours.

Did you know that Casablanca has beach?. Yes, we specifically Ain Diab beach, very pleasant truth. Many bars situated along the promenade of the leading names of Tonga, Miami or Tahiti. Some shops in the vicinity can be expensive, but you can buy everything, a little haggling to leave you at a lower cost.

Ain Diab beach, Casablanca, Morocco por Milamber's portfolio.

From the beach we go now to one of the most beautiful structures have been built throughout Morocco without any doubt. This is the Hassan II Mosque, one of the largest in the world. Also proved to be one of the most expensive, with a final budget of more than 1,000 million euros in its construccion. All Moroccans have directly contributed towards the cost, since it imposed a tax for its construction. Non-Muslims can visit her at a low price of 100 dinars.

And to continue highlighting something in Casablanca, we are left with the square of Mohammed V, also known as United Nations Plaza. It is the center of town, and shows one of the finest examples of French colonial architecture. This type of architecture, known as Mauresuge, is strongly influenced by Art Deco.

We can start the night in Casablanca dining at an elegant restaurant. Casablanca offers many options for this, from French cuisine to Vietnamese. We recommend Restaurant La Maison Bleue, La Mamorenia, Le Dauphin, The Retro, etc … Au Petit Poucet and La Bodega. They offer more than just good food, with an ideal bar to continue the night without moving too much.

After dinner at a nice restaurant, Casablanca has a great variety of pubs, night clubs and bars that are at the center or in Ain Diab, a short taxi ride from downtown. Here are very good jazz clubs, piano bars, and bars which offer live sessions of belly dancing. We can recommend a; Armstrong Jazz Club, Blue Night, La Notte, Le Balcon, Arizona and American Bar

If you’d rather watch a movie theater, the rooms are in many parts of the city, most of them located on the Corniche. In the center are theaters Davliz House, or the Rif Cinema, located on the Avenue des FAR, or the Empire, located on Avenue Mohammed V. Casablanca also offers cultural events as alternatives to bars and nightclubs. The complex offers Belyout Sidi music, theater and dance, and the French Cultural Center movies, concerts, recitals and exhibitions.

How to get there?
The best way to reach Casablanca is through the Mohammed V International Airport, located about 30 kilometers south of the city. From here there are flights that take us to Marrakech and other Moroccan cities. There is a train service linking the airport with the city, from 0650 until 2250 hours. A bus service operates between the airport and the city, with a service that starts at 07.30 and ends at 00.30 pm.

Is also accessible by train to Casablanca. Moroccan trains are fast and comfortable, and unite the city with Tangier, Marrakesh, Fez or Rabat, for examples of big cities. At night you can travel in bunk beds.

Transport in Casablanca:
Casablanca has an extensive bus network. Usually very cheap, but yes, at peak times, are very crowded and the service becomes a bit chaotic. Tickets can be purchased when riding on the bus. Eye, because the bus stops are only in Arabic, and can be a bit confusing. We need to get a dictionary if you want to understand, or have someone show you your fate.

Casablanca also has many red taxis, touring the main avenues. They are inexpensive, but at night are 50 percent more expensive. There is also a mini bus service white, very similar to taxis, which offer what, is called shared services. It can carry up to six passengers, following regular routes. They are an inexpensive option for excursions outside the city.

If you want to rent a car to move to Casablanca, I must say that traffic is not very fluid, and parking can sometimes become a nightmare. However, there are many car rental offices, which work much better than anywhere else in the country.

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