Carnival of Jujuy in Argentina

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With the same features as the carnival world, but intimately connected with local culture, Jujuy province in northern Argentina, invited to attend a different party for a week in the Carnival Jujuy, a show indigenous, popular and highly participatory. From 2 to 10 February, the Quebrada de Humahuaca is stained red, pop music fills the streets and friendly people offer foods and drinks.

Jujuy Carnaval is symbolized by a «devil carnavalesco». The festival begins with the unearthing of this, toasting and dancing to the troupes marching through the streets of towns, and ends when it is buried. Streamers and flour flying everywhere as part of the ritual. According to belief, the devil is the one who fertilized the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), giving rise to seeds, roots, stems, leaves and fruits of the region.

So entrenched is this ancient celebration in Jujuy, which is the only province to celebrate the carnival for four consecutive non-working days in which tourists and locals enjoy the rhythm of the native melodies, they eat everything they offer the people of peoples. This millennial popular demonstration was introduced in America by the Spanish conquest, and merged with other forms of pre-Columbian celebrate the fertility of the land. During those days, the devil brings joy, dancing, drinking and debauchery.

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The feature of the celebration is the participation of all present that is why the spirit must be predisposed to the event.

Released the devil who spent a year underground, down to the people troupes sparking joy and music. In this event involved all present, both natives and visitors, and there is good wine, chicha (alcoholic drink made from corn), or the typical northern food.

After 5 days of Carnival, the «Sunday of Temptation», the troupes, tourists and residents back to the woods and make new offerings to Pacha Mama. It scare away evil spirits and re-bury the Red Devil from coca leaves, alcohol and cigarettes. In one year, become the masked, music, beer and joy.

How come?

By car: You can get to Jujuy (1750 km) through the National Route 9, which links Buenos Aires with La Quiaca, through Rosario, Cordoba, Tucuman, Salta, San Salvador de Jujuy, Tilcara and Humahuaca.

By plane: daily flights from Aeroparque Buenos Aires International Airport bound for Doctor H. Guzman, 32 km from the capital city. The plane ticket round trip to San Salvador de Jujuy costs approx. $ 500 (about 142 euros).

By bus: From Retiro Station in Buenos Aires, there are buses with seat «Semicama. The fare is about $ 105 (23 euros approx.) And the journey takes about 22 hours.

* Accommodation *

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San Salvador de Jujuy: The capital of the province lies between the Rio Grande and Xibi Xibi, to 1259 meters above sea level. It offers an interesting contrast between modern and colonial. It highlights its museums, plazas and promenades.

Quebrada de Humahuaca: The people who names the party was founded in 1594. Momument, churches and colonial places worth visiting, but more so the «Hill of the 7 colors, a unique landscape in the world.

Good travel there…

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