Buzios, Brazil beaches for newlyweds

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Buzios, Brazil is a paradise for tourists looking for good beaches and a small village where they go out and have fun at night. This town began as a picturesque fishing village in the fifteenth century and is less than 200 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, making it one of the sites of cariocas favortios comes to spend the summer or in winter to escape enjoy your warm microclimate.

There, the mean annual temperature is 25 ° and climbing to 30 degrees in the summer, dropping to 19th in the winter, but you can always enjoy a day at the beach and its waters are ideal due to certain currents and winds that blow in the bay. Its waters are clear and calm, and under them there is a rich marine life with mussels, oysters, snails, anchovies, dolphins, golden, tuna and haddock. But if you want to enjoy the Brazilian summer, it is best to take a break during the summer.

In December and in March the site does not exploit people. There are only pairs of honeymoon cruises and some tourists from Rio or from Argentina, but in January, the picture changes, Buzios is inundated with people and operate tourist beaches. Is a factor to be considered as the beaches, 23 beaches of white sand, are not great … and one can feel a little tight. Anyway, the most beautiful beach of all is the most famous too, João Fernandes, attached to the smallest Jao Fernandinos. Its waters are free of algae and have a special area of diving.

The best thing is to rent a nice Buzios boogie and move him around the village. The cobbled street up and down hills and walking the walking is almost impossible. Furthermore, if the intention is to spend a day at each beach is to have the best car. So you can go to Playa Brava (wider and windy), ideal for surfing, Ferradura, Dos Amores, Geriba (or long), Ossos, Ponta Da Lagoinha, Tartaruga, or Tucuns Virgens.

Vista desde Ponta da Lagoinha, Búzios por rodney j.

In a single day can turn the whole peninsula and choose the beach over enjoy. Amores is removed and can be reached by walking on rocks impressive, but it should carry an umbrella because there is only one tree for shelter. However, nature seems untouched at all and there is always a seller near you is to provide a rich sandwich, drink, fish, cheese or a light beer.

Today we talk of beaches, but Buzios is a very nice mall, a large plaza hotel and the possibility of large excursions. All this will be discussed in another occasion.

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