Budapest Caves and travel tips

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Budapest is known worldwide as the city of Hot Springs, not for nothing there about 130 of these springs in the city. But there in his basement some 200 caves, both small and large. These caves were formed by the same underground water currents that provide the thermal baths today.

Budapest Caves and travel tips

Photography by muppetspanker

Most caves are located in Budapest, and were discovered in the early twentieth century. Three of these caves are open to the public:

Cave Pálvölgyi:
This cave was discovered in the year 1904 during excavations. The cavers found passages of 1200 meters long and beautiful formations of stalagmites. They opened to the public in 1927, once equipped with electric light. Since then it has continued to explore the cave, and now exceeds the 18 km long, the second longest cave in Hungary. There are organized tours every hour, and it is recommended to warm as the average temperature is 8 ° C. The tour lasts 50 minutes and runs 500 meters in the cave, through ladders and steep stairs stairs, so not recommended for people with physical problems or children under 5 years. Hours: Tuesdays through Sundays, from 9 am to 16 um.

Cave Szemlohegyi:

Near the cave cave Pálvölgyi found another small but totally different. The entry was discovered in 1930 during some construction work, and then were located its current length of 2200 meters. Its walls are high and are decorated with minerals that resemble cauliflower-shaped, branches or clusters of grapes. Therefore, the cave is called the Budapest underground garden.

Cave Buda Castle

This cave is located near the church of St. Matthias, in the district of Budapest and is ideal for a visit very interesting. This cave is presented in part of natural formation, partly excavated in the middle of last century, was used as a bomb shelter, storage, etc. Currently, schedules can be accessed at 10 am to 18 pm and can be viewed on its way reproductions of paintings of other famous caves, post-modern sculpture.

Budapest Caves

Photography by muppetspanker

Useful information:

Budapest Card:

If you are travelers who not only come especially to see the caves, then in that case it is advisable to buy the Budapest Card, this card will save us a lot of money to explore the city. This because it has a range of utilities for discounts when you go to places for walking, recreation and attractions of the city.

In terms of price, this is priced at 24 euros, which will be equivalent to know Budapest from 24 to 72 hours. Where to buy the card? Depending on where you are you can buy in many parts of the city, including bus stations, tourist offices, hotels and other points allowed (you can order via internet).

The advantages of the card is presented on public transportation (free), plus guided tours, insurance, discounts at over 150 locations, between 10 to 100% discount when we go to visit the museums, restaurants, shops, guided tours etc …

Good trip to Budapest!

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