Boston, “City of the Walking”

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We are one of the oldest settlements of the United States and the largest city in New England. Boston has a great history, however, more than 50 universities to become a modern city, a young and lively character that adds a charm to his place in history.

Boston calls itself as the “Walking City” because walking is a real charm. Its historic buildings can be the best of United States and is home to the oldest park in the country, the Boston Common. From here, the two main avenues for exploring the city on foot: the Freedom Trail, which will show the revolutionary past of the city and the birth of the American republic, and the Black Heritage Trail, which highlights the history of black States USA.

Boston combines simplicity with the historic charm and modern essence, with its architecture, its parks and gardens, skyscrapers and highways, museums, galleries and colonial churches. Boston is home to the first public library, the first public school and the first subway system. Visit is a charm, what do you think?, Let’s do it …

Visits to Boston:
To begin with we will go call the Freedom Trail, a 4-kilometer route. Can be followed by a red line painted on the pavement. The red line connects 16 historic sites associated with the early struggle for freedom against the English, who led the American uprising. In our tour we visit the Paul Revere House, the oldest in Boston, home of the revolution, or the Old North Church, whose bell was warned from the revolutionary movements of the British.

The Old House, was the seat of British colonial government and which was read the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The Bunker Hill Monument to mark the exact location of the first battle of the revolution, fought in 1775. We will see the beautiful white bell tower of the Church of Park Street and Quincy Market, a venue for the revolutionaries.

IMG 0282 [The Old State House in Boston, MA] por cgommel.

The other route to which you referred to above is the Black Heritage Trail. Today there is Beacon Hill, which in no way resembles the community that welcomed blacks in the nineteenth century. This route has 14 historical sites that are part of local black history. It begins in Boston Common, at the monument to Robert Shaw, who led the first black regiment in the Civil War.

Several places in Beacon Hill include homes known as the first public school or hosting the famous Underground Railroad, a refuge for runaway slaves. Also, the Museum of Afro-American History, a museum of black history more interesting for United States.

Just across the Charles River is Cambridge, which might well say that it is almost like a city. Cambridge is Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Here lie more than 30,000 students, so imagine the atmosphere and animation that can be. Downtown Cambridge is Harvard Square, with dozens of bookstores, shops, cafes and restaurants.

In Boston we have the first Botanical Garden in the United States. Will be the best way to escape a little of the bustle of the city. It houses 600 different varieties of trees, and you can walk into a relaxing boat ride, through the gap of three hectares. From the garden contemplate the skyscrapers that surround it, and the burst of color and light that we seized.

To make purchases from us will go to Boston Market Faneuil Hill. They have wonderful shops, restaurants and cafes. Housed in a four markets: Faneuil Hill, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market. Inside you will find street performers who entertain passers-by. Faneuil Hill is the commercial center of the city. It is a meeting point for all Bostonians.

Remember Cheers?. Well, that pub was set in Boston and this city, with its large Irish colony, has some of the best pubs in the United States. The most popular are those in Faneuil Hill and Quincy Market. Boston has led to many musical artists, which has a large number of bars where live music of all kinds. Premises as the Middle East have left artists like Aerosmith, the Pixies or New Kids on the Block.

A good night in Boston on Lansdowne Street the move, compared to Fenway Park. To enter most of the pubs and clubs of Boston must be over 21 years, and in some cases, you should go dressed properly. In this area the ideal is closer to Kenmore Square.

How to get there?
The best way to get to Boston is through its Logan International Airport, six miles northeast of the city. The Authority of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation provides subway and bus to downtown Boston. There are also taxis at all terminals, and the journey is to take a half hour at a price 15 to $ 20.

Transportation in Boston:
The public transportation system is composed of the Boston subway system’s oldest country, buses, trolley buses, ferries and trains around the port. The best way to get around Boston is by subway, or T, as he was popularly known. Walk across the city, and although it is slightly more expensive than buses, it is very easy to use and understand.

Both the metro and buses run from 05.00 to 00.30 hours, although there is also a bus service on Friday and Saturday night, joining the major subway and bus lines, to 02.30 in the morning. I advise you to buy cards with unlimited travel, valid for both bus to the metro.

Taxis are plentiful but expensive. The rental car is not necessary, especially since the traffic is horrible in the city, unless they plan to do some hiking around the area.

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