Bolivia, at the peak of the sky

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The highlands of Bolivia and the landscapes are a tourist attraction, both for local and foreign culture, India has a strong influence. You can see (including La Paz) the magnificent landscapes of the Andes Mountains with peaks covered with snow.

The main cities in Bolivia:
La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, situated at 4 thousand meters, is the most interesting city in the country for tourism travelers. There are several walks around La Paz, including a kind of Inca in Bolivia, El Taquesi, a path that connects the pre-plateau near La Paz to the subtropical valleys of the Yungas. To visit it is advisable to hire a tour in La Paz.

Cochabamba, in the Andes, is known for its pleasant climate and some attractions such as the Indian market, the Palacio de Los Portales, the colonial buildings and the archaeological museum.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the second largest city, is not exactly a tourist destination to be less “exotic” in the eyes of travelers from tourism. But take a look at the Indian market in Los Pozos. The strength of Samaipata, about 100 kilometers from the city.

Sucre, a city founded by Spanish settlers to 2.8 thousand meters above sea level, has one of the oldest universities in South America and remains a major university. It’s full of bars and beautiful buildings from the colonial era.

Potosi, over 4 thousand meters above sea level, has the tough climate of the plateau is cold all year round. Their houses also date back to colonial times and you can see several buildings of the era. The tin mines in the vicinity are a tourist curiosity, well worth visiting. From La Paz you can visit the ruins of Tiahuanaco, which seems to have been one of the oldest civilizations of the Americas and on which little is known. For many, Potosí is the true origin of the city in Bolivia.

A part of Lake Titicaca is in the territory and the Bolivian town of Copacabana you can visit the island in the sun, with beautiful views of the lake and two islands, the island of the Sun and the Moon, which preserve important archaeological sites of cultures pre-Colombians.

The city near the Titicaca, have “beaches” and is a kind of spa use by residents of La Paz (Bolivia has no access to the sea – it was lost to Chile in a war in the nineteenth century).

Copacabana, which is on Lake Titicaca. In the town of Copacabana, annually, make a curious ceremony, the baptism of the vehicles is something very curious in this city, of which more than anything made by traditions and superstitions which are made from water blessed by a priest.
Near Titicaca, about 70 km from La Paz (2 hours by bus), the ruins of Tiahuanako (or Tiwanaku) is the most important archaeological site of Bolivia.

The Salar de Uyuni, the climate is harsh and cold of the most beautiful in South America, just say it is spectacular.

See the weather for a better way to Bolivia and the dates of the festivals for their best advantage.

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