Bogotá World Class Capital

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In Bogota, Colombia’s capital city, located at 2,600 meters above sea level living, breathing culture. In this city founded in 1538, past and present blend to offer residents and tourists the most diverse artistic expressions.


Photography by Andreuchis

These range from exhibitions in different museums, theater, dance, music and street art to the most splendid cuisine. Since ancient times, the city has been characterized by enjoy a rich cultural context, the product of the convergence of all contemporary cultures and ancestral country. As a result of this wealth, Bogotá is also a present full of life, represented an ancient past in architecture, construction and historic elements that lie in museums in the capital.

The vast and varied cultural offerings of the capital Bogota makes a tourist destination at the height of the great capitals of the world. This city amazes visitors at every turn and always offers something new to see and do. And in Bogotá there are 58 museums, 62 art galleries, 45 theaters, more than 40 cinemas, 161 national monuments, 75 large sport parks and mechanics, 44 souvenir shops, 28 churches of interest. All this complemented with 33 libraries, 94 shopping centers, 62 convention centers and 25 universities, excluding sports venues of all kinds.

Theatre, concerts, opera, theater, ballet, contemporary dance and popular outdoor events, located in Bogotá a scenario to suit all preferences. Is performed in Bogotá Iberoamerican Theater Festival, the largest theater festival in the world, Rock and Jazz al Parque Bogota Film Festival, Opera and Zarzuela Park and Rhythms and Traditions Festival, among many others. This gives access to the culture of Colombia to all citizens and visitors.

In Bogota all the intangible heritage represented in the customs and manifestations of ethnic population, are supplemented enclosures in which the culture rests as if frozen in time. There are memorials embodied by the churches of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, religious pilgrimage sites and pagans, and architectural structures that constitute a rich heritage.

Visitors to Bogota with the acclaimed glaring Zipaquira Salt Cathedral in the savannah of Bogota, the Cerro de Monserrate, the Teatro Colon and a number of colonial houses in the neighborhood of La Candelaria which are preserved as they were when Bogotá was a small city streets girls and provincial customs.

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

Photography by momentcaptured1

Walking through the historic center of town is an experience that invites visitors to be transported to the past while living intensely this. Its streets have witnessed over the centuries by the capital and every window, every door, every corner has a story to tell. Today the center is the focus of political and legislative activities in the country. Here are the Casa de Nariño, the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Mayor of Bogota that are part of the cultural memory of the city.

Bogotá World Class Capital

Photography by equinoXio

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