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There is no doubt that the German parliament Reichstag Building in Berlin, is one of the main attractions when you come to Germany on vacation. Thus, a highly recommended visit your tourism trip to Berlin is the German Parliament building, known as the Reichstag.

the Reichstag Foster

Photography by teoruiz

In addition to seeing the great neo-Renaissance facade of this historic building from the large meadow in front of it, the great attraction of this visit is up to the roof of the Reichstag and having a great glass dome designed by renowned architect Norman Foster.

Some history:

Foster was responsible for remodeling the building in 1996, and it incorporates a large glass dome you can go and from which have good views of the institutional area of Berlin. Admission is free, and until recently to visit Foster’s dome had to wait long lines, which could only be avoided by going early. However, recently it has established a system of advance booking, which is the only way to get tickets to the Reichstag.

Visit the dome of the Reichstag Foster

Photography by Javier Vidal

Norman Foster dome of the Reichstag in Berlin:

Although initially set up an online form, now only can reserve tickets by sending an email to the following address: In this mail you information detailing the people who want to visit the Reichstag: name, date of birth.

Visiting hours of the dome of the Reichstag in Berlin are from 8 to 23 pm (last access), with entries every quarter hour. This is the only way currently exists to book tickets for the building, do not accept bookings by phone.

To reach the top, you pass through to the booths next to the main facade, west of the Reichstag building. From here you access to the building and, after rising by an elevator to the roof, you’ll be at the dome.

German parliament Reichstag building in Berlin:

I advise one of the previously lame audio free guides in different languages, including Spanish, for 20 minutes you will relate interesting facts of the Reichstag.

So mime, if you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Reichstag, or expand knowledge of art and architecture of the building, you also have the opportunity to sign up prior to free tours of the Reichstag.

You have a wide range of possible German tours, lasting about 90 minutes standard. But they also offer tours in other languages such as Spanish, English or French.

To apply to attend a tour of the Reichstag, you must send an email to the following address: In the mail you have to detail the number of people, the type of tour that interests you, and dates.

It is therefore imperative that prior to your trip request a visit from the top, or you join a guided tour in Spanish. And do not worry what happens to me on my recent trip, I arrived at the Reichstag and could not enter without prior request.


Photography by Christian Heindel


- I will be very easy to find great Riechstag building, because it is close to the Brandenburg Gate, near the large park in central Berlin, Tiergarten.
- When you’re in the Reichstag, you will see a huge classical building that contrasts with the contemporary design of buildings throughout the area and parliamentary government.

- The Reichstag in Berlin was built in 1894 in neoclassical style, and I remember that suffered serious damage in 1933 after a fire. In addition, at the end of the Second World War, was seriously damaged. In fact, the building as you can see now, is due to the great reform by Norman Foster since 1995, and it was not until 1999, after reunification when the Reichstag, or parliament of Germany, returned to have the building in Berlin as its institutional home.

- The great distinctive feature of the remodeled Reichstag is its great glass dome. From the large meadow that extends on the west side of the building, which houses the main facade, you can see the dome that rises above the middle.

- While in theory this large glass dome could break with the aesthetics of a building so classic lines, the fact is that, from my point of view, is treated very well to your porch with large columns. In fact, the glass dome of the Reichstag has become a major tourist attraction in Berlin. With its 23 meters high, the dome can visit for free and walk inside, up prior to the roof of the building by an elevator.

From the terrace you have panoramic views of the institutional area of Berlin, and next to the dome has a restaurant. Enjoy your trip!

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