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WELCOME IN BERLIN por JurjenHarmsma(away till 28th of july).

Berlin is the capital and is today a modern and cosmopolitan city that has nothing to do with that city that divided the two Germanys after the terribly famous Brandenburg Gate. Berlin is a wonderful city that invites us with its wide terraces, especially in summer when the joy of the sun each evening elaborates in his monumental plazas, avenues and gardens.

Berlin is now also famous for being one of the most charming European capitals to the culture. Great museums, theaters and concert halls are also in a city that, over time, has enlarged his reputation with modern skyscrapers at all blurred with those other buildings that still remind us of the glorious past of this nostalgic and capital.

A walk on the broad mirror of the Alexanderplatz, relive history, sad but more profound Berlin watchtower in the Check Point Charlie, or visit the wonderful East Side Gallery, or Kulturforum, a superb place for lovers art and culture in general, home to the Berliner Philarmoniae, a magnificent concert hall, or the pictorial gallery of the Picture Gallery.

Visiting Berlin
One of the most representative monuments of the city is undoubtedly the Brandenburg Gate, Pariser Platz in front of the, built between 1788 and 1791. Built on a series of columns 11 meters tall, similar to the Acropolis in Athens and is crowned by a statue of Victory. Denotes the light of all German power simply dazzling.

The tower of the Check Point Charlie takes us to the years following the Second World War, with the construccion of the Berlin Wall. This tower was guarding the border of the two Germanies, and became between 1961 and 1990, the only possible crossing for the Germans. Inside there is now a museum, open daily from 09.00 to 22.00 hours, at a price of 12.50 euros and 7.50 for students.

One of the most visited places in Berlin is the East Side Gallery, an outdoor museum that holds the remains of the Berlin Wall, from the station until Oberbaumbrücke Osthbanhof. The wall is decorated by top graffiteros the world and we can watch for free.

Around here we approach the Jewish Museum, which opens daily from 10.00 to 22.00, but closed on Saturdays and Sundays at 20:00. Of the most important art galleries in the city we are left with the Hamburger Bahnhof, built at the train station Tiegarten. It houses a wide selection of contemporary art. Open Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00, from 11.00 to 20.00 Saturdays and Sundays until 18:00 pm. Admission is 8 euros and children under 16 years can enter free.

For the smallest Berlin offers the opportunity to visit the factory LEGOLAND, famous building game. Here we see the Miniland Berlin, Berlin city built with the typical LEGO bricks. This factory is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00, and tickets cost 14.75 euros for adults and 11.75 for children 3 to 11 years.

We cannot fail to finally visit the beautiful Berlin Cathedral, built between 1890 and 1905. Inside you can visit the crypt where the remains of more than 80 kings of the Prussian royalty.

Berlin is a city you love day and night … The night life of this city is simply very lively. The premises are decorated Berliners until the early hours, with all kinds of music. Especially those in the neighborhood of Savigny Platz, although less well-off pockets us closer to the Pariser Strasse, meeting point for young Berliners.

Music is found in more varied Winterfeldplatz mainly Latin and Mexican restaurants. To eat, nothing better than Hackesfeche Hofe area, home to many restaurants, both expensive and cheap. The area culture, with its art galleries and concert halls to be found in the Mitte area.

How to get there?
Nothing like the Berlin Airport – Tegel Airport, just 8 kilometers from the city. From the airport it is best to take a bus, because they’re very often, and especially connects with the main metro and train stations in Berlin. There is also widespread availability of taxis. For added convenience, you can arrange your flight to Berlin.

Transport in Berlin:
The buses can be used for exploring the historic city center. I suggest you do with a Berlin Welcome Card, valid for 48 or 72 hours, which offers unlimited travel for one adult and three children, plus other discounts at theaters, museums, galleries, etc … The price of one for 48 hours is 18 euros, and 72 hours of sale for 24.50 euros. Also the bike, which can be carried on the train, it is interesting, much more than a taxi, because the traffic is intense, and the price can leave the eye of the face.

Berlin Welcome Card por Hiroshi Hung.

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