Belgium: history and culture

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Kingdom of Belgium The attraction is located in Northwest Europe, bordering Germany, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Belgium enjoys a moderate maritime climate. Warm in summer (May-September) when temperatures are around 27 º C and cold in winter, with temperatures around 7 º C and possible snow. Besides this, it is good to keep in mind that the rains are frequent throughout the year.

Important Information:
There are different requirements for entry into Belgium, depending on the nationality of the visitor. EU citizens do not need more than one identity card, while those from Australia, USA, Japan and New Zealand, among others, that does not require a valid passport for stays of up to 3 months. Nationals of developing countries must find out the requirements for entry into any Belgian consulate or embassy.

The official currency is the euro, though dollars accept major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Eurocard and Diners Club) and traveler’s checks, especially those in euros, pounds sterling or U.S. dollars are widely received. ATMs are plentiful in major cities. Tipping is not necessary, except for exceptional hospitality or hotel staff and baths, as the bill includes a charge for the service.
As far as safety is concerned, the vast majority of visitors have no problems in Belgium, but tourists are advised to be vigilant to prevent theft and street crimes, especially in Brussels, on public transport and train stations.

Places to visit:
Brussels, capital of Belgium and the European Union, is a small city in which the ultra-modern skyscrapers coexist with the buildings and older. The center is located in the Grand Place, one of the most beautiful of the entire continent, close to where you can visit various museums and to see examples of the typical architecture of the country. North of the Place is the Comic Strip Center, a must for lovers of comics. In addition, it is also worth visiting the Royal Palace, Museum of Ancient Art and Modern Art, the National Opera House and the Rue de Bouchers, where the majority of the restaurants.

The city of Antwerp on the River Scheldt, is historically one of the richest and one of the major European ports. It can have different architectural styles, from medieval castles, villas through to neo-Renaissance style Art Nouveau mansions. In this city, an ideal destination for art lovers, you can visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the birthplace of Rubens, the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Katedraal, the largest Gothic cathedral in Brussels and Antwerp Zoo, which has an interesting collection of exotic animals. A good option is a day trip from Antwerp to the beautiful poppy fields of Flanders.

The attractive and well preserved Bruges attracts with its medieval charm tourists from around the world. The 366 steps leading to the top of the bell is the best path to an incredible view of the city. In addition to this view, you can enjoy in the city of the Markt and the Burg, two medieval centers, the Museum and Groeninge Stadhuis (City Hall).

Ghent, between Bruges and Brussels, is the second largest city of medieval Europe and has a rich history to offer visitors. Here it is also worth climbing the bell tower for a view of the city and visit Sint-Baafskathedral.
In addition to the traditional Catholic celebrations, there is a concentration of events between July and August. Among them are the Ommegang, a parade of clothes that real time is held the first Thursday of July and the Belgian National Day which marks the 21 months of the start of the fair which runs Belgium last until mid-August.

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