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Beautiful Phang Nga Bay por Kaufik Anril.

In many beaches has been heard in Spain, the Caribbean Sea, The European Mediterranean coast in Asia, so in many corners of the world. Well here’s a list of some less known but just as lush to keep in mind, here we go …

Phang Nga – Thailand
Many islands are uninhabited area and visit if you have the possibility of adventure tourism.
One of the islands is named after the famous British secret agent, James Bond, since it was filmed the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

Anguilla – West Indies
It is one of the most luxurious, this small island that is British, currently the domain of residential villas and only a few resorts in the highest level. If you stay in them is the only way of sidewalks in this unique Caribbean retreat.

The Beach at Maundays Bay, Anguilla por jeremy_h.

Treat the 33 beaches (the Rendezvous Bay is one of the most beautiful) that have clear sand. In Valley (the capital) has only one group of houses of colonial origin, a picturesque figure is to see some goats loose.
In bars is common to hear reggae music.

Whitehaven Beach – Australia
Located amidst the coral reef, this is according to the locals, the best place in the Whitsundays Islands archipelago.
Stay for hours watching the scenery or choose to take a boat or a ferry that invites you to spend a nice day.
The coasts are 6 miles of very white sand and turquoise waters are.
North Coast enters incredible forming a bay called Hill Inlet.
You can go rafting in the ocean or to join the sea kayaking for those who want a little action to your holiday.

Nido – Philippines
In the west, an infinite series of islands disappear in the Sea of Vhina in the islands of Palawan. In this site are intermingled small pieces of limestone that emerge above the waves with sandy dust formed by algae.

Its waters are transparent and through them you can see coral formations in various shades, fish of infinite colors and a large garden of aquatic plants. The geography abounds in underground rivers, caves and verdant rainforest.  In the area to fish bamboo looms are used to materialize the nipiz (delicate fabric made with the thread of the bromeliad anasasa or stem of the banana).

Los Roques – Venezuela
Ideal place for walking in the different cays and atolls, where you can spend hours in front of the sea forgetting everything.  This is more than 30 coral islands of which only four are inhabited.

Gran Roque, the capital, has all the services.
From this site the boats to leave the island you choose. Another alternative when touring the archipelago is by boat.
Mauritius – East Africa
Dutchmen, Frenchmen and Englishmen inhabited this island green, rugged and since 1968 is an independent republic.

Mauritius - Gris Gris por dragonfly901.

They are inhabited by Hindus (67%), Creoles, Chinese and European Muslims, Christians and Protestants.

Besides sugar cane, is also cultivated Ylang Ylang featuring exquisite and aromatic essence.
It is located east of Madagascar, is surrounded by reefs that enclose turquoise waters and beds, as the North, in Pereybere, and the Belle Mare, where is located the most beautiful resort.

Those of Roches Noires, Blue Bay, Grand Bay, Le Morne, Flac Click join to complete a circuit of 330 km long.

Panama Beaches
Estrellas Beach – Panama
Being in this beach has a special charm.
It is a place of shallow water waves and very serene and bottom are seen starfish huge red, yellow and orange. These sea creatures have here on all sides, and are a good source of attracting tourists to discover that apply to only look through blue-green waters of the sea surrounding the island Colon, one of the many who form the archipelago of Bocas del Toro.

* The island has restaurants, natural reefs, forests, rivers, streams, wetlands and mangroves.

Itacare – Brazil
In this area alone do before cocoa, then the site was slowly converting.
These areas are among the Moors that are inhabited by palms became a site that seems to be a paradise.
Itacarezinho one of the best beaches to go surfing, prinh is enclosed between two hills and surrounded by an incredible cocoteral, is one of the prettiest in the whole area, hard to get but worth the effort.
In Havaizinho is a desert island and has a low tide Jeribucaçu looks like a giant lagoon and the water is incredibly transparent.


Tulum – Mexico
Located on the cliff, the mysterious walled city of the Maya civilization, known as Tulum, cares a great river on the Caribbean Sea. Its beaches are very white sand and waters of an incredible turquoise color, which invites us to spend a long stay in the sun. Located on the Mesoamerican Reef (second largest barrier reef in the world) this city is also a natural park that attracts those who love diving and snorkeling. But as an extra spice to bear in mind that not everything here is beach life, an alternative is to visit various archaeological sites (Coba and Muyil) and made a trip to Chichen Itza.

Seychelles – East Africa
A paradise of forests and dream beaches, this archipelago is a good destination for those who enjoy exotic locations. It is an exclusive site north of the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

Feel Good Hit of the Summer por mamanian.

The site has the flavor of the cultural mix that were the sum of the different settlements.
This site is common to hear talk in Creole, French or English. Its capital, Mahe, has 70 beaches but most of the resorts are located on the area north of Beau Vallon. Another island named Praslin is an ideal destination for lovers of snorkeling, his heart gives us an extra attraction: Valle de Mayo, a natural botanical garden that is now a UNESCO heritage site.

Good travel this summer!

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