Beaches and resorts of Uruguay

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Beaches and resorts of Uruguay

Photography by Vince Alongi

Would you like to know some of the most important resorts and beaches of Uruguay? Great to know first Dove Spa, a place of beaches located in the east of the country within the department of Rocha. You will be interested to know that the Dove Spa is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and thus proves to be a highly touristic and commercial space to be considered a 100% natural paradise in South America.

We continue to know other resorts and found the spa of Santa Ana, a place that has a transcendent motto: Do not damage the environment. This cozy place perfect for travelers ecotourists, located near the border with Argentina, specifically in Colonia del Sacramento. For if we do not know you that is a perfect place for those who escape the crowds, and want to enjoy with their families or in perfect solitude of the sea, sand, beaches, the sun. In that sense you need to know that the sea that bathes Santa Ana is completely crystalline. It’s definitely a place where your peace is guaranteed. It is important to mention that here, you have the opportunity to spend the night in hotels, cabins or rental houses, and wake up enjoying a beautiful landscape. The Spa of Santa Ana has a lodging places for sponsorship, all of great quality. Get ready to enjoy spectacular sunsets are magical.

Cabo Polonio have also amid the oceanic coast of Uruguay, 260 kilometers from the capital of Montevideo. It is a natural monument by the spectacular dunes, where amid a desolate landscape, observe colonies of sea lions. Here you can also spend a relaxing weekend in one of its many inns where we found huts, houses, apartments and hotels.

Resorts coast of Uruguay

Photography by mishmoshimoshi

The exclusive beaches of Punta del Este:

Punta del Este is, always has been and will be one of the tourist destinations more attractive for young people around the world, due in large part because, as everyone knows, has some of the most beautiful and exclusive beaches in the world.

Its world-renowned beaches during the summer months that, are full of young fun-seekers, vacationers who come to the site with the idea of fun and spend a pleasant moment in a paradise.

Punta del Este is a small city that is located on the coast of Uruguay, a country that, while not very attractive for tourism, has this attractive spot for tourists, which places it in the list of the most requested by world tourism.

It is a very exclusive place, which basically turns the wealthy, as it is with boutique brands, many hotels, and a variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs and great prestige, which is not wonder that most prices are very high place.

This is a place to which people are attending the class of those who like to show to others, see and be seen to be the novelty and be fashionable place.

In short, is one of the few places in the world that will always be a novelty, for its beautiful beaches in the style of Miami, but in a place not often see places like this with ease, a city that has been created one goal, to give the best possible care to those who visit, so you always want to return.

Spas on the beaches of Uruguay

Photography by gamillos

Enjoy the beaches of Uruguay!

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