Bariloche in Summer

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Bariloche is a city located in Black River Province (Argentina). During the winter is a much visited destination because it has fabulous ski slopes, even though summer is also an excellent choice for adventure tourism. The city of Bariloche has very good frequency of flights daily. And during the summer holds 23 thousand seats.

In the summer you can enjoy the sun’s rays passing through the trees. Tree canopy that allow us to perform. The canopy is an activity that involves scrolling through a cable from tree to tree, although this is an activity that was born with the aim of studying the forests, today is a good option for those who conduct adventure tourism. In the city of Bariloche, the Canopy Adventure Tour Company gives the possibility of offering from Cerro Lopez can be reached with a journey 4 × 4. It does a scan of 210 meters in the air.

suspended in the sky por riclopes 2008.

During the summer, the climate of Bariloche is nice, it rains a lot and be able to enjoy the many lakes and rivers, if one day we feel more heat than normal will not have problem, this is also an ideal place at this time of year we dedicate ourselves to fish for trout. For years the authorities have created rules to protect predation and must return the fish to water. The subject matter experts recommend the Limay River, where trout can get up to seven kilos and the river has many varieties ideal for environments that have good bite. Another good choice are the lakes Mascardi, Gutierrez, Fonk, Hess and the Rio Manso.

If you like mountain biking all roads and trails in Bariloche with apt for that sport. What’s more, the sport is one of the most popular in this city. You can make simple walks a couple of hours or trips of up to 10 days in which he visited rivers, lakes and mountains. For these circuits are recruited longer guides and necessary equipment. The areas ideal for mountain biking are the Swiss Colony, Ñirihuau, Mascardi Lakes, Lake Steffen, Rio Villegas.

The Bariloche lakes and rivers have water from melting of the glaciers coming down the slopes of various mountains. If you enjoy excursions where water is the protagonist podes opt for Lower Manso River, which also has a sandy beach and forest. The Manso has its source in the glaciers and runs Tronador Mascardi lakes, Los Mocosos, Hess and Steffen. Rides are included in the guides, kayaks, wet suits and meals. Some of them are in rafts, but if you like a slightly higher risk podes cross the river kayaking, duckies or inflatable kayaks.

There is a choice of three days to cover the Manso river or Alumine. This includes camping, hiking.
If you like something quieter, opt for floating in the waters of the Limay.

Bariloche in the summertime is an excellent choice that has Argentina not to lose touch with nature. In this city you will find millions of options, from the quietest, for fun with all members of the FAMIT, until your adrenaline will be happy. Feel free to visit this city.

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