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Stunning is the first feeling that overwhelms the first time visitor to Bangkok. The Thai capital until the last halo absorbs energy from its inhabitants to be able to beat a thousand revolutions almost 24 hours a day. Therefore, the newcomer has to struggle to adapt to the pace and after getting overcome the jet lag, swimming against the tide is the only solution to avoid being vampirizing in this fascinating city.

Bangkok Travel tips

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Thousand smells and noises are mixed without discrimination or hesitation in any corner. There are no time for meals. Thais seize every stop for a snack and eat lunch in the hundreds of stalls that fill the sidewalks. The visitor will not have problems when sustenance at any kiosk and the offer is so wide that the power to choose becomes a difficult task, especially at first.


On the streets of Bangkok can enjoy everything from fried meats and fish of all flavors and colors strung on a stick as a spike, to elaborate dishes, the latter more difficult to ask, since many of the posts do not have letter English and requires a basic knowledge of food and language to choose.

The most popular appetizers are the fried chicken, skewers of spicy meatballs, sausages, pasta coated with a crispy, seasoned beef livers and do not always get recognized, but served in a plastic bag with a spicy sweet chili sauce are always a delight to be able to continue with the visit of the city.

Bangkok tours alleys

Photography by René Ehrhardt

Although we will devote another post to talk about the ingredients and the menu (menu) Thai, it is important to keep in mind that its cuisine is very spicy chili, fresh cilantro and garlic are present in many stews and soups never lack the pungent flavor that produces lime juice and lemongrass.

But if what you really want to enjoy a Thai meal, street stalls with tables are no doubt one of the best quality and price options. The only impediment is to be understood and ask what you want, as those located in less touristy areas do not have the letter and the only assistance they can use is the identification of all ingredients and set good guide to gastronomic section in order to say his name in Thai.

This wide range is almost always a pleasure, as the traveler does not have to be tied to schedules, it can become an orgy of scents and sounds that pervade the appetite for excess at any time of day. When this happens, it is desirable to avoid busy streets and crowded these mobile restaurantes and into the quiet soi (lanes) and take a break free of cooking odors.

Food in Thailand

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In the tourist areas there is no problem when communicating in English, but be prepared to get to eat when the card is fully in Thai script is not understood. The most useful is to carry a transcription of the basic vocabulary needed for the trip (we have to learn the very basics of English because Spanish is rarely used).

Luck on your trip to Thailand!

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