Bangkok: exoticism and spirituality in Thailand

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Thailand is a millennial kingdom, which has its roots anchored in the history of the greatness of this legendary Kingdom of Siam. A walk through any of its cities is breathing spirituality of their religion, as reflected in the many temples that are flooding their land, is to discover a fascinating and exotic world natural heritage in its history is to live another unique experience.

Bangkok, its capital, is the benchmark for this country. A city that lives, like the rest of the country, steeped in mysticism and religiosity. Such is the case that the king is regarded as the incarnation of God Vishnu, and only by doing or saying anything against his person is immediately punished by imprisonment. Still, the country has suffered 19 coups d’etat in the past fifty years, but always against the system of government which is now a parliamentary monarchy. Nobody has ever dared installed against the authority of the king. Are the present King Rama IX and a member of the Chakri Dynasty, which in 1782 moved the capital of Ayutthaya Bangkok.

Wat Po is the oldest religious center of the Thai capital, the place where the Buddha Yaciente, an impressive figure of more than 46 golden meters. The set of Wat Po is regarded almost as a sacred city, a place where we can find the most striking symbols of mythology or legend that we can imagine, from huge phalluses that leave the soil as symbols of fertility, to the guardians of stone seem to stand guard and monitor a handful of Osan in there. Wat Po temple in their home gardens and 300 Buddhist monks, who will walk and pray his prayers with his classic attire, composed of orange robes.

Wat Phra Kaeo is also an important sacred. It is the place where the Royal Palace where a huge figure of Buddha made of jade whoever gets to go to pray at his feet. The Emerald Buddha, as is known, is surrounded by a series of images of demonic nature, protecting it from external damage. Worth to see is the gallery that surrounds the entire building, where we see a huge mural on the Ramakien, tells a story that confrontation come the forces of good and evil.

Bot of the Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Kaeo por Butch Osborne.

Before turning to the poorest part of Bangkok it is advisable to enter the temple of Wat Arun, because from it we have a very good overview of the piers of the Grand Palace and Wat Po sacred whole.

And if something is really characteristic of Bangkok, if there is an image that will probably have in our retinas, even without having been there only because they have seen some pictures that we have taught, that instant the sea will surely crossed by canals where numerous boats are transported around. There, in those channels or khlongs, as there are known, we can find everyday life, with the usual Thai society. Because the boats are the means of transport used to travel in Bangkok.

In the district of Thonburi, which must not be missed, we find the most typical ones where we can see people swimming in the canals at the door of their small wooden houses, canoes, or selling fruit or vegetables from door to door, or the many boats that traverse the canal carrying children to school.

Nearby is the Ships of the Royal Museum in Bangkok Noi canal, which revived the greatness of the Kingdom of Siam and the current Kingdom of Brazil through its Imperial craft.

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