Bamberg, the seven hills of beer

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Germany is a country which, like Spain, many beauties hidden in its interior. Save delicately, to say that with affection, lovingly protects and neatly. That is what seems to happen in a city such as Bamberg, which protects the seven hills, like Rome. Bamberg is one of the prettiest villages certainly throughout Europe. We cannot afford to pass by here on a place like this and, even less, let follow the mystery of her charms. Bamberg …

Bamberg is located in northern Bavaria and a rich history since the time that was considered the capital of the Holy Roman Empire under the reign of Henry II, the most famous son of the village. A gem of architecture of all time locked in a city that is by no means a static museum piece, but Bamberg is a city full of joy for the visit for its history, its antique shops and nine enormous beer taverns.

The visit to the town began in the Palace Bottinger Today Art Gallery. Stresses on the interior, richly decorated with an impressive staircase and magnificent rooms. At his side, the Castillo de la Concorde, on the waterfront Regnitz, a beautiful 1716 building with beautiful gardens situated in a beautiful setting. We suggest the view from the other side, much better than in the area of that castle.

The city center is a point of reference the Green Market, the Jesuit church of Saint Martin. Originally it was the market square, where city residents to buy their food. Specifically, a small fountain in the square reminds the market for women. It stands the Fountain of Neptune in 1698, a meeting place for youth in the city and a symbol of it.

Europe 1996 r1 07 Bamberg, Germany - rainy Grünermarkt (Green Market) street in Altstadt (old city, downtown)

Riverbank Regnitz Bamberg is known as Little Venice. They are lined up beautiful buildings of the nineteenth century with a lattice of wooden houses with balconies and small gardens, where there are moorings for boats. It is curious to check the small garden of some houses and their small boat in the door.

Bamberg City Council
We now comes to the Plaza of Maximilian I, King of Bavaria. At the center of the plaza, a huge fountain with statues serves tribute. This period laid the beautiful City Hall and the Old Municipal Market. The City Council is a curious building built about 1387 one of the bridges of the river Regnitz. It is one of the most visited places in the city for its particular provision.

Our visit is aimed now at the head of the impressive Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George, with its four towers flanking the temple. Building started in 1007, but later caused a fire that reconstructed in 1237. In its interior the tomb of Pope Clement II, the thirteenth century, and especially the sculpture of Bamberg Rider, as a monument is not known, nor its author or to whom it represents. 

Bamberg 29APR06 024 por MBKCDN.

Nice is also the Church of San Teodoro, 1692, Carmelite monastery that houses a very beautiful cloister colorful. Or the Church of San Miguel in 1610, where we can provide the best views of the city and the beautiful garden of his back.

The best time to visit is April 23, with the traditional beer festival, where 10 factories in the city offer the chance to enjoy free beer originated that year. From 4 to July 19 is celebrated Fair outdoor theater on the streets of the city. From the July 18 and throughout a month, for lovers of antiques, Bamberg becomes European capital of this genre with the best Antiques Fair which can be seen in Europe.

How to get there?
The best thing is to get to Bamberg fly to Frankfurt airport, and from there take a train to Bamberg, where the route will take us two hours and a half. Bamberg trains depart every hour to the train station to the airport.

Frankfurt Airport Train Station

We can also fly to Nuremberg Airport, and from there take the metro (line 2) or a taxi (15 euros) to reach the central station of Nuremberg. From here, a train departs towards Bamberg usually every 40 minutes and takes 40 to 60 minutes, the trip costs 12 euros.

If you fly to Munich Airport, then get a train to Central Station Munich city every 20 minutes. There you can catch a train to Bamberg which takes about two hours and a half.
Here you can find your flight to any of these cities and best hotels in Bamberg.

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