Attractions in Singapore

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Let’s start our tour in Singapore through an evening stroll around Clark Quay is a historic town in the city of Singapore, located on the banks of the same name. It is worth mentioning that we will find a number of restaurants, wine bars and shops. Very close to this area poses the popular and exclusive area of Orchard Road shopping call.

Attractions in Singapore

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If you decide to make purchases then you can not fail to come to this avenue that is regularly frequented by the wealthiest individuals in the city, and this is the main shopping street and the most elegant in the country. Also, if you’re looking luxury hotels, you will find droves.

Now let’s get to know the Singapore Zoo, also known as the Mandai Zoo where we see Bengal tigers and other animals in the area.

We can also go toward the Bird Park and Jurong Bird, another area dedicated to wildlife. To reach it we must turn to the west of the city. Undoubtedly if you want to practice bird tourism is nothing better than to come here because we can see no less than 9.000 birds of 600 species.

Finally we finish our route in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, an area that sits about 163 meters above sea level, considered the highest point in this city state. Additionally we tell you that spans 1.64 square kilometers and through them we can see landscapes, flora and fauna.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Singapore: The commercial and financial center

It is important to mention that Singapore is an island that has become a major commercial and financial center of Southeast Asia, as it has an active port that houses a modern fleet of merchant ships and cruise ships, and for that reason Singapore is considered one of the world’s busiest ports.

Singapore as you know is called by many as the great Tiger of Asia and its economy is truly enviable. If we go back in time we will realize that once was a colony of England. Now that we have a general appearance on this country, let’s do a little sightseeing.

First we practice cultural tourism, visiting the Asian Civilisations Museum to learn not just the story d country but across the continent. Then we can go toward the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is a theater dating from 1919, which rests in the heart of the capital city of Singapore. In case you did not know, we tell you that this is a complex where various artistic performances are presented.

Singapore skyline

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We can also opt to visit the center of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. We refer to the Singapore Conference Hall, located at 7 Shenton Way. It is worth mentioning that currently presents the Edinburgh Festival in the Diaspora.

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