Argentina: The world of walkers

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Argentina has a variety of climates, environments and difficulty levels to enjoy the trekking, the sport that combines running and climbing.  A journey through some of the most fascinating routes.

The world of walkers

Photography by flopisubmarina

Here you will find one of the most lost and majestic Patagonia: the Laguna de los Tres, on the basis of imposing Fitz Roy. To comfort even more, just look back. Bathed in ocher, green, brown and brick open valleys recent pre Patagonian Andes, which is lost in the immensity of plateaus, plains and downs that starts here your journey to the Atlantic. On the left, away, but clearly visible, stands somewhat milky blue mirror of Lake Viedma is a day of sun and clouds. The descent is one of the most dangerous stages of trekking. Is the time when careless, tiredness or inattention given the highest number of accidents. The rise and fall may have a base at the end of exploration in the town of El Chalten, In addition there will be a small but very warm brewery always accompanied by the climatic conditions of the area as a day of fresh air, sun, wind, rain and even snow also.

The world of walkers to Argentina

Photography by flopisubmarina

Trekking – The mix of athletics and mountaineering is a discipline that grew in the country thanks to the boom in adventure travel abroad since the 90′s.

Particularly since the 2001 crisis, more and fonder of this activity were discovering the country as a destination of excellence. In turn, the arrival of German, French, Italians, Americans and Canadians also aroused the interest of a growing community of Argentine athletes. Therefore, at the height of the Salinas Grandes (Salta), among the rocks of Laguna Negra (Black River) or lost in some corner of Lake San Martín (Santa Cruz).

The Argentina now has an asset it apart from trekking destinations in the world: the Andes. With about 5 thousand miles across the country, the mountain range offers a variety of climatic zones that allow north-south, walking much of the heights and the landscapes of the Puna Salta and among the high peaks of Mendoza, the mixture of Bariloche lake and mountain charm or wild land of glaciers that provide Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. Anyone can find this variety, the challenge for him.

“Because the goal is not reached, but the pleasure of an adventure, walking”.

Like any activity, also the trekking is done with varying degrees of difficulty, which can be surpassed gradually as experience is gained, and thus increase the level of difficulty of route: mild, medium, moderate, difficult. If interested in the high mountain range, it is good to note that it requires previous physical training and knowledge of basic safety rules. Because trekkinero usually starts with short walks, just one hour drive, finally asking for a journey of several days, from shelter to shelter, following the course of a glacier, up (and down) by a step or unnamed investigating the occasional trail is lost between the peaks of a cliff. Everything, as far as possible in phones, cars, meetings, discussions and sales plans or the eternal radio. All, with a limit of luggage that will promote a backpack no more than 60 liters and very, very, water. All to leave behind the everyday and reconnect with yourself, take the time to step back mentally imposed on us by the routine of work and dazzling.

Argentina: The world of walkers

Photography by

Good luck on your trip!

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