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Ordino por Fr Paul Hackett.

Andorra is synonymous with nature, which is why walking in the Principality has a natural infrastructure for lovers of this sport can take long walks, the pace they want to enjoy lovely scenery, especially around Sordeny Natural Park, while in winter, the star is skiing in Andorra.

Walking is the most requested of Andorra, Andorra important to know that there are great routes, amalgamate them pretty hard rides that include scaled for those who enjoy climbing, so they can take this activity. The shelter Perafita, the L’Illa, Siscaró, Coms de Jan or Coma Pedrosa trails are all suitable for all types of walkers.

Each sector of this route, in the 100 miles between Juberri of Sispony, is oriented with signs and also no presence of hazardous areas are areas not overly difficult, because the difficulty is that the route daily minimum is 10 miles. Each walker will have the responsibility to improvise to solve the weather. None of these factors appears to be an impediment for those who want to enjoy this activity without problems.

Other routes are soft for walking routes that can be found within each parish, whose plots range between 45 minutes and two or three hour tour, depending on its path, or your trip, remember that this is not a competition, and here, the important thing is to enjoy the scenery!
Also remember that there are several shelters available to everyone free of charge.

Importantly, Sordeny Natural Park, in Ordino, becomes the first declared Natural Park in the Principality of Andorra, for being a place which is described as unique and heavenly. The park has features that make it a destination without equal or comparison, which is why many call it the jewel of the Andorran Pyrenees, this was accentuated when in 1999 was declared as such for the purpose and objective of preserving the environment of the Principality. por A.

In this park you can highlight the richness and variety in botany, and boasts more than 700 different species of plants, of which 60 are indigenous and are known only in this location, it is a unique fauna and richness.

In the case of De Ordino is possible to emphasize the snowfield Ordino-Ascalís, this is a clear demonstration of sustainable development that blends with nature and love for resources, creating infrastructure for the practice of skiing. But skiing is not the only sport that can be practiced, because there are other snow sports such as carving, snowshoeing or hiking, all that every visitor to take advantage of a very careful and respected environment, this is formalized in 1982 with the creation of the snowfield. This place is designed for the enjoyment of tourists, which is adapted to enjoy nature and develop activities, there are also excellent infrastructure, including hotels, restaurants, among others.

Continuing the journey through the valley of Ordino and is possible to identify a center of the Interpretation of Nature, refers to a place where you can understand, learn, study and explore everything about the Valley of Ordino and nature. This enclosure is subdivided into two zones, the area of entertainment and exhibition area.

Within a botanical walk through the valley of Sordeny, can we identify a valley in which features more than 700 species of flora and 60 species endemic to the Pyrenees, which is special to interpret the alpine ecosystems of the northeast sector of the Principality. During this walk you have the rare opportunity to enjoy raspberries, or hear the birds, and feel more indigenous sounds of the river Sordeny. Thanks to tourism, the parish of Ordino is still ranching and farming, so it is still possible to enjoy great mountain scenery.

Paral.lel  d'Arinsal por Jordi Troguet.

That is, in case you have to provide clothing for a cool and dry climate in winter snow covers the tops of the mountains and therefore can enjoy the sun, snow and mountains. The tour is really a simple half an hour walk from the parking Sordeny Interpretation Center to the Botanical Gardens that was built 1 km above the valley. From the information booth can direct us to the different brands that bring us closer to the Garden and allow us to make longer trips to the shelter and high levels of Natural Park.

The Botanical Garden is a good excuse to learn more about the rich flora of the Pyrenees, the aromatic, the toxic, medicinal, etc.. In the booth will give us a guide botanical interest to all seniors and children. We must not fail to mention the mountain huts, which are accommodation for walkers and provide shelter for hikers. They can be reached on foot (minimum 1 / 2 hour walk). Andorra has 27 mountain huts scattered throughout the territory and along the main mountain trails that cross the country.

Good Travel!

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