Anchorage, Alaska in an adventure

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Far from any site is the small town of Anchorage, the place to enter one of the last unspoiled regions of the planet. One hundred thousand glaciers, herds of caribou and Kodiak bears are the claim that this part of the world offers to those who love adventure.

In Anchorage, one in 58 inhabitants is the airplane pilot, a proportion that is comparable to that of motorcyclists in Naples. Not surprisingly, small planes are the means of transportation helped to walk the vast state of Alaska, only equipped with roads and with a population rate of less than half inhabitant per square kilometer.

Most of the few people in Alaska live in Anchorage precisely (approximately 40%), a city well equipped and adapted to the needs of modern life, but obviously depends largely due to its proximity to the Arctic. The winters here are long (October to May) and very hard, and spring and summer are short and explosive, in return, the city is surrounded by a spectacular nature, which makes it the ideal starting point to discover his abundant wildlife and some of the most exciting landscapes on Earth.

Part of this wealth can be seen from Anchorage, surrounded by a ring of mountains which include two active volcanoes, the highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley, visible only on clear and six other champions of the altitude, These include the mountains and hills Tordrillo Aleutian.

Among the wonders located in the vicinity of Anchorage is the Portage Valley. A 80 km south of the capital of Alaska is the depression in which it is possible to enjoy the magnificent Portage Glacier. Only the way to this valley, where there is a modern welcome center for visitors, and is an unforgettable experience, as it passes along a landscape dominated by fjords. Other glaciers can be seen just on the road are the conventional Twenty Mile, the Explorer, the Byron, the Exit Glacier and Matanuska.

Few places in the world offer such a close contact with wildlife such as Alaska, and Anchorage is a great place to watch the legendary animals of the vast Arctic. In the vicinity of Anchorage you can enjoy the view of elk, black bears, bears Grizzlies and brown bears, caribou, mountain goat species, hundreds of bird species (including the sea birds and woodpeckers), wolves, lynx, marmots … And that as far as the terrestrial fauna: with marine fauna species such as beluga whales, which can easily sight on the bay overlooking Anchorage, humpback whales, orcas and seals.

We can not forget that these lands were inhabited for thousands of years before the white man for a handful of people including several tribes Inuit (Eskimo) and Indian. Eleven different cultures and 20 languages make up the universe native Alaska: Aleut, Alutiiq, Atabascanos (with 11 different languages), Tlingit, Haida, Eyak, Tsimishan, Yup’ik, Cup’ik … A good place to get an idea of the cultural heritage of all peoples is the Alaska Native Heritage Center, a cultural and educational complex located northeast of Anchorage, in the midst of a thick forest and surrounded by the majestic Chugach Mountains.

The discovery of Alaska from Anchorage can be a thousand ways. One of the most popular among families of the town, once summer arrives, is to go out to collect wild fruits, especially blueberries. This is a tradition inherited from the Indians, for which the collection of these fruits implied admission of the smallest in maintaining the household economy.

Hunting and fishing activities are rooted among the people of Anchorage, as well as camping in the countryside, walking, gathering mushrooms, found in lakes and rivers by canoe or kayak, to travel with sledges pulled by dogs or plane … The possibilities are so broad here as a desire for adventure of all.

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