Alternative markets in London

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London has one of the offers broader markets of all kinds. It is difficult to choose just one. Although Portobello and Camden markets are the best known and also where we can find more tourists are not alone. There are other charming where to find an authentic, real bargain and all sorts of unimaginable objects.

Alternative markets in London

Photography by Special K Files

Brick Lane has been for centuries a neighborhood where immigrants have found their place of different cultures coming to live in London. First came the Irish, the Jews later years and is now the quintessential Indian neighborhood.

Located in the East End, its streets have a delicious aroma of curry and other Bengali cuisine specialties. Currently living in this vibrant and bustling London, a major Hindu community and young artists from many disciplines, who have found an ancient brewery a place of expression and exposure for your work.

Returning to the subject of this post, Brick Lane is also characterized by having two of the most vibrant markets and away from the city for tourism that have made other such as Camden or Portobello. The best time to visit is Sunday.

Spitalfields was the largest fruit market around London, but has now diversified and can find jobs of all kinds, some with interesting examples of crafts, jewelry, alternative clothing.

the largest fruit market around London

Photography by Morgaine

In the streets around the market will find many shops, bookstores and art galleries with exhibitions by artists from the neighborhood. There are illustrations and photographs of Brick Lane very interesting to take a different memory of London.

If you view this market, do not miss Spitz. It is a bar and art gallery where you can have lunch for about 10 pounds, a price set in the case of London. If you spend the afternoon, hopefully will agree with any of the concerts held in the upstairs.

I installed from Monday to Friday. Born as a traditional market of the Huguenots who had settled in the area. In the Victorian era grew from the hands of the Jews, and is currently one of the favorite markets and African Bangladeshi Londoners.

If at first it was a bustling market where the settlers in the area selling their items, in Victorian times also grew by adopting the nickname of “Jewish Market” and became the heart of the Jewish East End. It was a zone castigadísima Nazis by bombing during the Blitz. Today it remains the most sought-market and popular with Bengalis and Africans.

In Petticoat can find everything from clothing at reasonable prices, to electronics and books. But there are also food stands and most exotic drinks. Can you imagine traveling the London market cooling down with coconut water?

The London market

Photography by mariosp

Known officially as the New Caledonian Market, Bermondsey Market is located southeast of the Thames. This market is installed every Friday and specializes in antiques. Silverware, crystal, porcelain, books … In this market you can find items of questionable origin due to an old English law that allowed the sale of objects he could not certify its origin after dusk until dawn. This tradition has led to this curious market, open from six in the morning until two or even three in the morning.

It is one of the favorites of antique markets for parts of real value can be found among the multitude of posts with trinkets and other objects.

The legality of the market has even been questioned in the House of Commons, but remains open for a mix of tradition and charm to be hiding on the fence, halfway between the law hidings.

Open Thursday to Sunday. One of its main sights is that it passes the meridian 0, we speak of Greenwich Market is an interesting option to enter into a walk along the river and go hunting for relics on clothes, CDs and small memories from decades past.

Which of these markets you stay?

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