Adventure Travel Kruger Park

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Adventure Travel Kruger Park

Are you preparing your adventure trip to Kruger Park? If you travel to South Africa is a must visit one of the oldest nature reserves and extensive in Africa. The Kruger National Park resonates in the memory in the form of stunning images engraved in our minds through wildlife documentaries, or the mythical idea of adventurous explorer in search of the «Big Five».

Adventure Travel Kruger Park

Photography by Stuart.Bassil

How to plan our safari in Kruger?

A Tour organized. It is without doubt the most comfortable and also more expensive. There are many safari operators for your tours in South Africa and these usually include accommodation, transportation from the place where you hire, food and excursions to meet face to face with African wildlife spectacular.

Kruger Park becomes a very viable option. Primarily due to the wide and affordable range of car rental in South Africa, moreover, is not necessary to drive a jeep to tour the park’s road network, but some secondary roads that can be complicated in the rainy season. Another good reason to enjoy this adventure into our air is good signage and organization of the camps, where you can book securely online through the official website of Africa’s natural parks.

Accommodation in Kruger Park:

Whether you decide to get into the Kruger Park for free on a circuit organized, have the option to choose which level of amenities and rates also want to move.

The park has 12 main camps, 4 satellite camps. (Cottages, bungalows or rooms). These are more comfortable than a tent, but also the most expensive, but this is not the greatest impediment to choose this type of accommodation, the most frustrating obstacle is that both visitors Kruger National Park, as international tourists and even tour operators who organize tours, reserve up to a year in advance for accommodation. As tariffs have these amenities in the midst of South African wildlife can vary widely, from € 12 dormitories to more than € 100 per night as we go climbing in the luxury of the lodges.

Travel Kruger Park

Photography by shevy

Camping in Kruger Park:

The camp is undoubtedly the most economical choice and also allows us greater mobility, since it is easier to change our route at the last minute and find space for our store, search for availability in other accommodation.

Access to the Kruger Park:

The park has ten gates, spread over its 350 km long and with a total area of 18,989 km ². To preserve the safety of both visitors and the wildlife that lives in the park, have imposed strict rules and measures such as prohibiting driving at night or stay out of a camp at the time of closing the park gates.

At the same parks website are available for opening and closing doors, and the distance and estimated time between one camp and another, and between the areas of accommodation and access in and out of the park to to plan our route must take into account things like the park roads, speed of movement (can not exceed 50 km / hour on paved roads).

For emergencies, it is always important to have the phone number of the park management, to which we turn to if they have some unforeseen to prevent us from enforcing the rules and park hours. This phone is 27 (0) 13-735-4000

the Kruger Park

Photography by khym54

The best parts of Kruger Park:

In September, the south of the park has the largest part of the fauna of large animals. For bird lovers also enjoy a very rich biodiversity and viewing areas where you can see many native species.

Enjoy your trip in the Kruger Park!

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  1. Kurt Schultz Says:

    Thank you for the interesting post. As you have indicated, the Kruger National Park is a magnificent adventurous place and you really are in for a true African experience when you opt for one of the open vehicle safaris in the Kruger Park and get to see the Big 5 up close!

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