Adventure Travel in Argentina – Part I

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The adventure tourism, are the most complete types of tourism in the world, and is the total relax of stress for many people working in the city. Here are the adventure sports.


Adventure tourism grows increasingly turning to tourists not only visitors but as part of the landscape. In adventure tourism combined with sports tourism. Among the activities that we find, we can mention the hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, rafting and abseiling.

American River White Water Rafting or Chapter

Argentina is an ideal country for all these activities by having a wide geographical diversity.
In that article and those that follow, you will have a list of activities that you can make in this country.
To remove all doubts will offer you the definitions of all types:

Bungee Jumping: it is a leap of ankles restrained by an elastic cord.

Canopy: the canopy air is slipped cable that is suspended between the tops of the trees.

Paragliding: skydiving is done on slopes. The parachute is smaller and easier to maneuver. Fly with winds and thermals of rising.

Crazy People - 1 of 2 por alopezruiz.

Rafting: river rafting rapids in rubber boats.

Rappel: the decline of mountain (walls, canyons and waterfalls) used to make ropes.

Trekking: a walk is being done by different terrains and landscapes. This activity has the bonus of being able to admire nature. The trip usually includes several days. The hiking is a combination of shorter and there is no difficulty in it.

The ideal place is the mountain system of Ventania, 600 km from Buenos Aires, is the highest in the province of Buenos Aires. The folds in this area which has been causing deep gorges and rock walls.
The area offers hiking and trekking made the most recommended are: Cerro Tres Picos, Exile and sale, all with more than 1,100 meters high.

Climbing, climbing all day long! por Olivia Heredia. 

The rivers ideal for this kind of adventure are the mighty rivers of the provinces of Neuquen and Mendoza. The favorite for years is the Atuel (located near San Rafael – Mendoza), this river is recommended for beginners. It can take different routes that may vary over time and distance. The shorter stretch of 6 km and the journey takes us an hour, the intermediate section is 10 km and lasts 1 ½ hours and the longest stretch is 12 km and being able to go take about two hours. On this site No experience required. We left from the Valle Grande (356 Km from the city). There are several companies that offer you the possibility to make this journey. The activity can be performed throughout the year less in June.

 Río Aluminé to Rafting

The Chant (Santa Cruz) is the national trekking capital. There we can find different routes that vary in difficulty and duration. There are trails that go into in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.
Among the options we can choose self-guided walks that last no more than an hour (or Condor Mirador of the river gorge Fitzroy River Canyon or Las Vueltas) or choose to exit with a greater degree of difficulty as the trek to performs the Paso Marconi glacier (lasting 4 days, sleeping in shelters or tents).

On the other hand the Cerro Torre glacier trekking what people can do that only to an acceptable level as far as physique is concerned.

In any case we advise making guide walks together, although some may be performed alone, so you’ll have the peace of mind because if something happens along the way as the will kit and a radio. Plus you’ll receive information about the site and tell you secrets of the fauna and flora.

To recommend to go mountain bike in Bariloche. On that site there are different paths and trails. It has excellent panoramic views. For those starting in the field trips are recommended to perform half day or full day or the steppe or forest. It’s good to take guided tours to learn the best place. The outputs that are made to take you to go forest along streams and lakes, forests across coihues.

The rural tourism is more better!
Adventure Travel in Argentina – Part II

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