Adventure Travel from the best: Mexico

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Verano coahuilense

Photography by andresmh

Vacation can often be understood as giving the opportunity for a relaxing time to get away completely from any liability of others and give himself entirely to be. But there is a type of entertainment that provides the same kind of catharsis and gets it rather than doing nothing, however, activated by limit and urging us to courageously assume responsibility for their own ends and entertainments acts within a framework of overwhelming nature. Just across the Rio Grande, tourists can enjoy a place for active tourism in the beautiful Saltillo, right in the Mexican state of Coahuila. This is a site full of deserts, valleys, canyons and ponds, where extreme sports fans have a whole paradise to know and conquer.

Entertainment at the limit:

Some of the recreational activities that can develop in the wild in Saltillo are rappelling, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, hiking, sight of local flora and fauna and the study of the remains of ancient cultures such as petroglyphs that are located in those places. To get to Saltillo enough to take the road number 40 in a distance of 73 kilometers.

The best places to stay there are the American Eurotel and the Hampton Inn, both with great deals on accommodation and tours available to enjoy the charms of the region. In this sense, as well as wild Saltillo offers the unprecedented opportunity to perceive emotions, the palate also have that option with the delicious typical dishes that are prepared in its many culinary establishments.

A proposed trip to Saltillo:

A possible alternative to approach the most irresistible scenery Saltillo can start in the capital city. From this site should be moved fully equipped to San Lorenzo, a nature reserve member of the Sierra de Zapalinamé. There, in its many sheer walls and canyons, you can thoroughly enjoy the rappel.

Adventure Travel from the best: Mexico

Photography by Sachavir

In addition, the cool climate and over a hundred routes available to move because of its size, San Lorenzo makes a site really worth recommending. Finally, you can not miss the opportunity to experience the rise to “The Face of the Elephant”, an amazing canyon with walls of different levels of difficulty. Then you can get to the Chiflón, a water cannon that has an impressive waterfall of 30 meters of incredible beauty and flowing into the pool known as The Top. The more daring can rappels down to the bottom of this site and swim in still waters. A refreshing and just reward for the 110 meters to be down to do so.

To arrive at the necessary travel Chiflón about 1.5 miles into the desert area known as Mayran, this adds a savory complexity plus the adventure of Saltillo. To end the walk, you can enjoy the strange fascination Gavilleros atavistic, near here, in the municipality of General Cepeda. This is a rock painting site with 150 rocks covered with petroglyphs unusual and abstract. From this point you can return to the city of Saltillo or followed by Colorado and Canyon Corner of Lima to the interesting area called Cuatro Cienegas.

Enjoy your vacation in Mexico!

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