Acqua Park, fun for the whole family in Brazil

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Acqua Park

To the northeast of Brazil about 15 km from Fortaleza, there is a gigantic water park ideal for those seeking a different holiday near the sea, has attractions other extreme and quieter.

Acqua Park:
Giving us this site is certainly a lot of water, plenty of sunshine and lots of fun. It is located in Porto das Dunas and collected several attractions, two resorts and a great beach on the Atlantic. This theme park is organized into ten different areas, all linked by a common theme.
The park’s main attraction is the Aqua Show, a very large bucket type which gives some 1,800 liters of water on visitors, 78 museums scattered cannons different platforms complement the water park scene.

As far as games are concerned there are all kinds and for all tastes, from the quietest, other moderates and some where the choices are really strong, significantly increasing our adrenaline.

Insane is one of the wildest games, just for daring to have no fear. It is a slide which measures 44 meters the highest in the world, from that point there was no option to jump and go down a ramp at a speed that is 15 km per hour, before the end of the fall, lasting about 4 or 5 seconds in a big splash.

Kalafrio: also has a good dose of vertigo. The idea is sailing on a float down twice for a track (of the type used to skate). The height is 11 meters and lower the inclination is an angle of almost 90 degrees.

Beach Park Acqua

The Effigy: we must get out of slides that reach straight and curved los24 feet. Only for daring.

Sarcophagus: a water slide is completely dark, about 80 km per hour from 254 feet. If you are claustrophobic or afraid of the dark and think about get on this ride.

If you’re any less violent option, you can choose between:

Rio Atlantis: to descend on a float through an imaginative stage design that is inspired by the lost continent of Atlantis.

The Najas. This game has three slides that have a path that ends with a good dip in the pool after jumping from a height of 6 meters or 12 meters down to about 20 km per hour.

Moreira black. At its highest point is 11 meters and is performed on individual carpets. And for those who want zero risk, the park offers these options.

Treasure Island. It is an area that its central theme is a pirate ship with water cannons.

Current delighted. A kind of artificial river in which you could make a quiet ride that float.

Noah’s ark. Several children’s games very fun, but safely.

Tsunami. A large pool that has waves, has three islands with deck chairs where you can relax after so much fun.

Acqua Park, fun for the whole family in Brazil

The Beach Park Suites Resort which opened in 1996 and has 182 suites. And the Beach Park Acqua Resort opened just months ago under a concept where they combine with another residential hotel aspect.

Beach Park Acqua - Parque Aquático por Resorts Online

Acqua Park, is ideal for families!

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