Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado: 10 things to do

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10 Great Things to Do in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

U.S. has big mountains to be explored in its territory, especially without a doubt is the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, so this is an alternative trip to visit these places outside the city and certainly promise a great experience travel.

U.S. has big mountains

Photography by Ms. Herr

Here are 10 things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park while in USA:

1. Explore the peaks – Here some of the highest peaks are known as fourteeners, this is because their heights exceed the reference value of fourteen thousand feet. Longs Peak, Mount Elbert and Pikes Peak are just some of the mountains in the state of Colorado. Make sure that the investigation of the walk before you go. Many of them are intense!

2. Walks – If you are not the best walker, you can still enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the highlands. Many resorts offer elevators throughout the year to the mountaintop. Often, the ski resorts in North America are so beautiful in the summer, but are a delight in winter. For example, is the gondola ride up to Snowbird, not far from Salt Lake City, and the impressive trips to Vail and Beaver Creek in Colorado. Many resorts offer at least one or two motorized routes through the mountains in the summer.

3. Go rock climbing – not surprising to find points of climbing around the world. However, the Rockies have some of the best. View Maple Canyon in Utah, Garden of the Gods and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

4. Soak in hot springs – the mecca of health-conscious traveler can be found in Glenwood Springs, this one is up on Highway I-70, here in Colorado. After the bath will leave with your body relaxed and healthy at the same time.

Great Things to Do in Rocky Mountain

Photography by Alaskan Dude

5. Go fishing – fish are not all equal and the Flying Fish fishing is an experience of fishing, this has more skill and experience than perhaps any other type of fish. We also spend a hot foot in cold water fisheries where trout will be a wonderful pastime. Places like Kootenay in British Columbia, Eagle River in Colorado and North Platte in Wyoming are just a few places with amazing fishing spots.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Photography by USFWS Headquarters

6. View Wildlife – Have you ever seen a moose, bear or beaver live? In these mountain sites in the United States can actually watch these animals and other species, one of this is in the National Park of the Rocky Mountains. Few places in the world have the opportunity to see what kind of wildlife that is provided in the Rockies.

the Rocky Mountains

Photography by natalielucier

7. Mountain biking – Test your balance and skill on the rocks and mountain trails. In some places it can go uphill challenge and take your bike all the way up the mountain. Some of the best mountain biking venues in North America are located near the Rocky Mountains. Check out the points of Moab, Utah, Crested Butte, CO and Okanagan, British Columbia.

8. Take a road trip – the U.S. has an affair with the motor vehicle, perhaps more than any other continent has it. There are large distances to travel here. The Rocky Mountains have many wonderful trips. For example, take the beautiful and huge Trail Ridge Road. Only open on Memorial Day is a great choice, elevation leads to about 13,000 feet, well above the tree line, where the wind is so strong that it threatens to drag the place.

9. Meet Native American culture - The splendor of Native American culture is diverse and rich. There are many places where you can immerse yourself in Indian culture for a day or less. Take part in an assembly as in Crow Agency’s Native Days which takes place every year or other indigenous assemblies that are made in New Mexico.

10. Go skiing and snowboarding - The European skiers talk about places like Chamonix and Zermatt, these are of great beauty and ideal for winter sports. However, places like Deer Valley, Vail and Telluride meet and surpass their European counterparts in many respects. Not only are there more houses that Europe has to offer.

Is there a place that offers the best skiing and accommodations to the Rocky Mountains?

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