10 beach destinations unknown and economic Europe

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In midsummer it is not surprising that the coast is the main holiday destination of many. But … The most famous and crowded beaches are always the best destination? Why not bet on beaches without a scrum? In this post we offer ten beach locations in Europe that does not often appear in tourist guides. This summer, in addition to save and wait queue, you can save a few euros if betting these unique beaches. Enjoying intimate vacation at sea and surprised everyone with pictures of new places. Come to discover corners of Europe.

1. Pula, Croatia
Pula is the capital of the region and one of the most culturally rich places are concentrated in the area by the enormous quantity of architectural remains are preserved, especially in the era of Roman rule.

Pula in the more prominent place for your beach is Banjole complex, equipped with everything needed to enjoy a real day of beach bars, beach bars, water sports, etc..

All the beaches of Pula are rocky, picturesque landscapes. Among the quieter and less urban areas are Hawaii Beach, Kolumbarica Beach, Valkana Beach. The only sand is incredible Debeljak Beach. You can also choose a nudist beach in the wild and Brijuni Islands. To take a vacation at the best price you only need to find cheap hotels to stay in pula in this fantastic city of Croatia.

2. Lake Balaton, Hungary
Despite being the largest of Central Europe, and one of the largest freshwater lakes on the continent with an area of 596 km ², is virtually unknown outside the country. However, the main destination of domestic tourism in Hungary, where he is known as the “sea of Hungary.” The landscape highlighted by the surrounding mountains, ancient volcanoes that have given rise to fertile land where there are vineyards and orchards in the heart of Transdanubia, about 100 kilometers from Budapest.

The Balaton is ideal not only for those seeking sun and sand but also for lovers of culture or sports, even for those interested in gastronomy. In this lake there is a place for everyone: the southern shore is ideal for families, it is very shallow. However, for those brave and water sports lovers, I recommend the north shore, where they can enjoy diving.

For those who only go to bathe, be surprised with the many spas, medical facilities free shores.

But not everything is relaxed, as the Gold Shore Siófok, the most popular, is organized every year the festival of Coca Cola Beach House, which lasts several weeks. You advise from Ulises cheap flights to Budapest and then rent a car to go to Budapest to Lake Balaton.

3. Piran, Slovenia
Piran is the most touristic town in Slovenia. It is an ideal place to spend a summer holiday. But not only enjoy the sun and beach, but also tourism, visiting many monuments and walls of the seventh century.

This destination is ideal for those wanting a relaxing break on the coast, and for lovers of sport. Both on land and sea sports can, for example, you can rent a yacht or a boat or hiking.
City of Piran and Adriatic Coast

Piran is a very touristic city, so you can choose between multiple placements to spend your holidays. Therefore, find a cheap hotel in Piran and enjoy the best beaches in Slovenia.

4. Gozo and Comino, Malta
At the heart of the Mediterranean Sea are small and densely populated Republic of Malta, an archipelago consisting of three islands. The best known is Malta, where the economic activity and tourism. But the other two islands are virtually unknown: Gozo and Comino.

Gozo is the second in size and is more rural, where the green nature and trap from the first moment. The fascination of the place is full with the multitude of historic sites and cultural offers, in addition to a very notable nightlife. Although small and less important for Malta, Gozo has a fantastic rock formations, prehistoric ruins and traditional values. This island is ideal for those who want to find a peaceful way of life and for lovers of view, as in Gozo you will find incredible hiking trails, cliffs, bays and fishing villages.

Cumin is one of the last places in Europe almost untouched. It is the smallest island and is virtually uninhabited (only permanently inhabited four people). It is ideal to unwind from the routine and practice adventure sports. Almost an island just for you. Travel to Malta for what is best find a cheap flight to Malta to stay and we recommend searching hotels in Valletta or Gozo, are often quite cheaper than in Spain, so you can enjoy the island at a reduced price.

5. Algarve, Portugal
Southern neighbor noted for its fine sandy beaches and warm waters and calm. With 150km of beaches, the Algarve offers large expanses of golden sand, interrupted by rocks to form irregular landscape of dunes and cliffs of great beauty. Multitude of coves, caves and small corners to discover on foot or by boat.

But wealth does not end in the Algarve beaches. On the coast fishing villages and inland villages of whitewashed houses with fireplaces and Arabic influence people easily and affable and enjoying the good weather from April to October to make the visit mandatory.

Algarve sure you find your beach because there are large, small, quiet, brave, with waves, quietly, to go with the family, difficult access, for love … and always very much sea and good weather. Moreover, in the Algarve are the best golf courses in Europe. Algarve sure if that is your destination, we recommend and search for hotels in Faro Cheap flights to Faro.

6. Constanta, Romania
In the western shore of the Black Sea region is Dobruja, one of the two exits to the sea of Romania. Here are Constanta, its capital and largest port in the country.

Constanta rose over the city of Tomis, a Greek colony founded around 500aC dedicated to trade.
Constanta Beach
The center of Constanta and the multitude of museums and historical buildings are the main complaint, besides the beach. In particular, in Mamaia, and around springs.

Mamaia is the biggest resort in Romania. It is the ideal destination in the country, because the beach has many hotels, outdoor swimming pools, clubs, sports and summer theater. To round off the trip and you need only find a hotel in Constanta, and a cheap flight to Constanta.

7. Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos is an island belonging to Greece, known for its attractive beaches and an amazing nightlife. Archeology lovers will enjoy these holidays, because Mykonos is very close to the island of Delos, full of archaeological treasures.

Mykonos Beach
The island of Mykonos is the best known of Greece, being a prominent tourist destination. Furthermore, from this point you can get to know a large part of Greece, as it is connected daily with a boat that goes to Piraeus and the majority of the other islands of the Aegean Sea.
Reaching Mykonos is not an easy task but we Ulises ponertelo simple and cheap: looking for a cheap flight to Mykonos and find a hotel in Mykonos that fits your pocket.

8. Riga, Latvia
The capital city Riga is full of history, there are many important buildings such as the Church of St. Peter, St. John’s Church, Church of St. James Cathedral, home of “The Three Sisters” and the History Museum of Latvia, which houses the Riga Castle.

To enjoy the sun and the beach, go to Jürkalne, near Riga, which offers a beach with high cliffs. Furthermore, Kuldinga find the widest waterfall in the river of the Baltic Sale. Wonderful views.

Another interesting place is the Caves of Riezupe Arena, where they get sand for glass manufacture. A nature lovers will love Riga, because it is full of natural parks.

Jurmala is the beach area closest to Riga. It is ideal for a summer getaway and enjoy the sea and the sun. The coast of the country is a compulsory destination for enjoying the heat. It is a tourist area, so no shortage of bars, cafes, bars or hotels where they choose to spend your stay.

Jurmala is a very nice area, surrounded by pine trees and all kinds of vegetation. Dunes and a sea of crystal clear water and not just compose profound this spectacular landscape. The beaches of Jurmala beaches are uninhibited, play, sunbathe, swim, eat and do what you come to win.
With flight deals to Riga is irresistible not to visit the capital of Latvia, you can also find a hotel in Riga this summer and enjoy their beaches.

9. Neringa, Lithuania
Neringa is a narrow peninsula, with magnificent landscapes. It dominated dunes and excellent beaches. It is ideal for those looking for a summer holiday intimate and quiet. On the peninsula for more sunny days than in the rest of Lithuania.

This target not only enjoy your holiday, but traditions and share life with people in Neringa, then you can even stay at home if you do not want to go to a hotel.

Neringa going on a bicycle, pasearás for extensive and multiple gardens and enjoy the coast and the wonderful green landscapes.
Lithuania prices are lower than in Spain and in the tourism sector as well, so this summer is the best opportunity to find a flight to Lithuania and enjoy the beaches at great prices.

10. Gdansk, Poland
Poland’s coastline is no less appropriate to go to summer holidays. So, mind to enjoy its 700 miles of beach. In Poland there are many beaches, all with golden sand. Furthermore, it is an area prepared for the tourist, but no crowds. During July and August you can enjoy the sun and the refreshing water of the Baltic Sea coast and a very much alive.

But not all beaches in Poland, as its cities and towns also have a lot of history. The city of Gdansk, for example, is the sixth largest city in Poland and the largest port city in the country. In Gdansk, besides enjoying sun, sand and a beautiful promenade, you can visit historic monuments and statues, as this city is known for its prominent and ancient buildings. The Old Town of Gdansk is exceptional, with an impressive Gothic cathedral, considered the largest in Europe made of brick. Today, Gdansk is a very important cultural and academic. A must in this city Sopot is known for being a major tourist attraction.

If this is your fate, you’ll enjoy walking along the shores of the Gulf of Gdansk, the view over the picturesque barns and houses on the islands of Motlawa and revive the city’s history in every corner. Other places to visit in Poland are small coastal towns Debki, and Chalupy Wladyslawowo. If the beautiful beaches on the Polish coast you have won, we recommend that before when looking for a cheap hotel in Gdansk and a cheap flight to Gdansk.

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